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Unlimited Ability With Humility

We all live on this earth For such a short time But we can take solace In our tie to the Vine. For Jesus did die Upon that Cross And the enemy Was left at a loss. Each of us … Continue reading

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Just Being a Friend

Constantly seek unity Without impunity. Humbly seek peace That never will cease. Care for others; This should be our druthers. Treat everyone the same And glorify His name. When making a decision, Have great vision, With concern for the well-being, … Continue reading

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Get the heart ready Take in lessons steadily Memorizing scripture Becoming a victor Spending time in prayer Taking in a breath of fresh air Being open to His direction And ready to accept correction The Word of God placed In … Continue reading

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Connect with Respect

Gain respect with behavior With hard work and endurance Loose respect with negative actions With negligence and incompetence Some act as though They know everything Thinking they are something But not doing anything They set others up for failure Refusing … Continue reading

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Invite and Encourage

We each have a part to play; As we invite others to join; And encourage each day. We help to make choices; Share about the joy; And give a lift with kind voices. The Designer of heaven and earth Cares … Continue reading

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Applaud Qualities in Others

  A personality trait lacking in our leaders today is the skill of building others up. A person can achieve much greater things when they only care about doing what’s right and do not have to receive the credit. People … Continue reading

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People We Enjoy Being Around

What is it about some people that make us want to be around them? One trait is that they see others as being important with unique skills. They never underestimate potential in others. Are there stories you have heard or … Continue reading

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Being Pleasant

Being able to work together with others in a pleasant, courteous, and agreeable way is a very important trait in today’s highly technical and specialized world. Things seem to run smoother when those you work with are in good moods. … Continue reading

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