Far and Wide

More joys than stars
on a clear night
because with grace
the future is bright.

No more negatives
that held you back;
changing your future
with a winning knack.

Forward with the Spirit
in all that you do
for Christ the Savior
makes you all new.

One thing is for sure
and creates great joy;
the Spirit of Christ
is ready to deploy.

With the Spirit inside
and the Word as your guide,
the Good News of Christ
reaches far and wide.

Poem By Mark Shields – © 09-28-2017
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Make it Better Together

Bless those around you
by fulfilling your call
and imparting ideas
that benefit all.

Try to do some good,
gather together
and rely on each other
to make it better.

Love your neighbor,
help them stay on track
by sharing their burdens
and having their back.

Pray with each other,
receive instructions,
accept the power
to remove obstructions.

Two are better than one
so offer your talents
serving an amazing God
with greater valiance.

By Mark Shields – © 09-21-2017
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Step Ahead with the Spirit

Step ahead with the Spirit
Now and into the future
To discover blessings
That make the path smoother.

Walk by faith this day
Within a lifestyle
That serves through love
And shares with a smile.

Growing fruits of the Spirit
As a donation
That provides resources
Of inspiration.

Building up the Lord’s House,
Delivering the Good News,
With power to take on
Whatever you choose.

Even in weak moments,
There is a great strength inside
Blessing you for a great future
As the Lord provides.

By Mark Shields – © 09-14-2017
Image Source

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Clear Path to Victory

Discover the freedom;
The way to be saved.
Away from what hindered
All things that enslaved.

All that entangles
Is given some slack.
Lifting the heavy weight
That holds us back.

Christ endured the Cross
To provide victory.
Freeing from sins
Into eternity.

This day with God,
The Word will fortify
So stay optimistic;
Favored from up high.

Death on the Cross;
Made it complete;
Our gained victory
Is hell’s defeat.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-07-2017
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Set Free

The world full of trouble;
Can’t just do nothing.
Me and you right now,
Time to do something.

Listen to the Word,
Be the city on a hill,
Be the hands and feet,
Never standing still.

Thoughts of peace … of love;
Doing what God instructs.
Inspired by good examples,
Not those who self-destruct.

Overcome the past
And live better lives.
Put the destructive past
In the archives.

Be free in Christ;
Make the right choice.
The ONE with the answer;
In whom we all rejoice.

By Mark Shields – © 08-31-2017
Image Source

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Highway to Heaven

Concerned for the future,
Aiming for the best.
Helping each other
To pass each test.

Working together
To make good happen.
Offering God’s Way
With such a passion.

Removing all obstacles,
Staying on the path.
Accepting grace,
Never the wrath.

Using kind words,
Sharing a thought.
Uplifting each other
Is always sought.

In God’s eyes
You are essential.
He believes in you;
Your great potential.

By Mark Shields – © 08-24-2017
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Infinite Power

Get Free from things like fear,
weakness, and doubt.
The past may have been bad;
a nightmare bomb out.

The present may be dark
With hard times looming
but the future is bright;
everything booming.

Because of the reward
God has for all
Who believe in His Son
And stop the fall.

By accepting Christ,
things only get better.
Freed from restraint,
No longer a debtor.

The past washed away,
the future brighter
each and every day
with infinite power.

By Mark Shields – © 08-03-2017
Image Source

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Every Starry Night

The world is difficult
But God is close by.
He is above it all
Just look to the sky.

The world is dangerous
But God is close by.
His angels come
Lifting me way up high.

My life I give
To the only one
Who makes the moon
Reflect the sun.

The angels sing
From the painted sky
Every Starry night
He’s got me in His eye.

Changed my life
Like autumn leaves.
Living with Christ
I ride the breeze.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-10-2017
Inspired by Sermon of Dr. Steve Wende
Painting “Starry Night” by Van Gogh
Image Source

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Faith in Jesus Christ
Sets all of us free
In order to be
All that we can be.

Faith in Jesus Christ
As in a rain shower,
Washes away the sin;
Gives a great power.

The Spirit indwells
With total abundance
Giving a sense
Of utter oneness.

Praying for each other
As two are better
Than one in all
Challenging endeavors.

At home or at work,
No job is boring
So on eagles’ wings
We keep on soaring.

By Mark Shields – © 08-03-2017
Image Source

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Salvation Jubilation

For the law and promise
Is met in the person
Of Jesus Christ
Who took the burden!

Giving to all
With jubilation
The ultimate reward
Of salvation.

You were created
To have a friend;
A companion
Until the end.

A friend in Jesus
To help you grow
As each day brings
A new start even so.

Just let the past go
And have no doubt;
Enjoy each moment,
Trusting all will work out.

By Mark Shields – © 07-27-2017
Image Source

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