Great New Day

Each day is a new day
To be an achiever
Because from the past
You are the receiver
Of experiences
From your yesterdays
And can relate usual things
In unusual ways.

Each day you have
An opportunity
To make a difference
In your community
And can do all things
Since the Spirit resides
Inside to guide
And with God who provides.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-14-2017
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Untapped Potential

All face competition
That holds them back
Like fear or despair
And all the flack.

A football team
Studies competition
With previous game film
To fulfill their mission.

And we can always
Study about life;
Seek ways to overcome
All that keeps us in strife.

To gain a cheerful
Adjustments can be made
To improve position.

Power is available
And consequential
If we use our
Untapped potential.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-07-2017
Image Source

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The mind is trained
To be alert … alive;
Constantly gathering
Knowledge to thrive.

Seeing what was old
In a totally new way;
Passionately living
Each and every day.

Always questioning,
Keeping up to date;
Gathering info
To evaluate.

Each day is a battle
For how to think
And it takes some work
To stay in sync.

Taking in fresh amounts
Of daily information
And new discoveries
With grand elation.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-30-2017
Image Source

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Final Victory

Thanksgiving is a time
For family and food
And an attitude
Of gratitude.

Football games are viewed
And our favorite teams
May not always win
But one team does it seems.

So be grateful
For this mystery
And how our Lord
Brings final victory.

Free from the demands
Of the written code
Because of the Cross
A new Way is showed.

Accepting this new Way
That God has provided
Doing the amazing
By being united.

By Mark Shields – © 11-23-2017
Image Source

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Think and Go Far

Think about the direction
You would like to go
Even though many
Choose to forgo.

Without hesitation,
Seek suggestions
For your progression
In the right direction.

Leading to a place
You can rejoice
Because you thought
And made a choice

Your mind is capable
To think with the smartest;
To reason with the best
And go the farthest.

You can visualize,
You can imagine,
You can plan,
And take action.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-16-2017
Image Source

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Through The Eye of a Needle

Living a life
That seems so smart
but not giving the Lord
All of our heart.

With something lacking
And not at our max
Since trusting in ourselves
But with God very lax.

Trying to earn our way
Only with upheaval
Like the camel through
The eye of a needle.

But we can surrender
It all for the cause
Instead of following
The impossible laws.

Choose the only ONE
Who is in control
For Jesus is the ONE
Who saves our soul!

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-09-2017
Inspired by sermon of Ryan Barnett. “Sermons.” FUMC Waco. Web.
Image Source

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God – Matthew 19:24

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Full Potential

Talents like seeds
need to germinate
in order to develop
to fulfill their fate.

Seeds require light,
Heat and hydration.
Talents require planning
And dedication.

So develop talents
You can disperse
And see abundance
In this universe.

Begin to flourish
In His creation
Using your potential
Without hesitation.

So start each day
With grand strategies
Inspired by the stars
Of all the galaxies.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-02-2017
Image Source

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Questions for Reflection for Study of Romans 7-8

Many of the poems from “Step Ahead” are inspired from the studies in my other blog “This Day with God”. Over the next few weeks, I will be continuing the study in the book of Romans in order to share thoughts or ideas. Each of the studies are designed to help apply our faith in the work place, at school, or at home. As the journey continues in the book of Romans, there are questions for reflection which will help focus some thoughts to share in posts.

This Day With God

Paul writes the letter of Romans to the church at Rome while in Corinth on his third missionary journey. Within this letter is a detailed explanation of the Gospel. Paul introduces himself as a servant of Christ Jesus. He gave the church at Rome some facts of the Gospel; that it was promised from the beginning, that Christ died for our sins on the Cross, and that all who believe in Christ as the Son of God receive eternal life.

Even though we have different strengths, God has made us all for a purpose and we need to celebrate differences. Some are skilled in teaching, some are skilled in administration, and others may be skilled in encouragement. We may also have some weaknesses but let us be thankful that God always remains faithful, true, righteous, and just.

Rather than expecting perfection from others, we can accept each other as a…

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Life with God

In order to meet needs,
persist when times are tough
and know with confidence
God is big enough.

Ask for anything
according to His will
knowing He will hear
and give you the skill.

Ask for it to be given;
continue to cope and
knock so the door
will be opened.

Everyone who ask;
who always believe
and constantly seek
will endure to receive.

For a life with God
brings abundant joys
with grace, power,
and eternal poise.

By Mark Shields – © 10-19-2017
Image Source

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Abundance in Life

Impact of faith
along with desire
pushes one forward
and gives great power.

Even if discouraged,
desire what is good;
desire what is just;
doing what one should.

Making an impact
on everyone
by showing concern;
doing what can be done.

Encouraging others
as a great author
inspiring them
en route to prosper.

Give them confidence
that God is big enough
to give a bright future
if they never give up.

By Mark Shields – © 10-12-2017
Image Source

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