Don’t dwell on the past;
look to the present
and to the future
with good intent.

Regardless of problems
criticisms, or events,
give the extra effort
and stay on offense.

Fit pieces together
by being resolute;
follow through on plans
and keep on the pursuit.

Turn it up a notch
when needed most
to meet the purpose
with no need to boast.

For God has done it all
by sending His Son;
not by your own works
but in what He has done.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-09-2017
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By writing out your plans,
Confidence will grow
With each action step,
The momentum will flow.

For plans not accomplished,
Adjustments are made,
Attitudes are changed,
Bad habits start to fade.

Courage is needed
When feathers are ruffled
As new things are tried
And people are shuffled.

Always be determined
To stick to your plans
And continue to attempt
To win over more fans.

Be inspired from reading
Or watching a podcast;
Through Bible verses
Or photos from the past.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-02-2017









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All You Can Be

Learn the playbook
To a successful day
By working to improve
In following the Way.

Use past experiences
To where life has lead
And current instructions
As you step ahead.

You will be unstoppable
As a key player on His team;
Making the impossible happen
From what used to be a dream.

You will do amazing things
Because God is with you.
He will clear the path
And get you through.

He will protect
And watch from above.
Bringing inner peace
And so much love.

In any battle faced in life;
Be it anxieties, trouble
Or worries about the future,
He can turn it into rubble.

So look at any challenge
Squarely in the eye.
Believe that God is bigger,
And tell it “goodbye”.

Success is in having a plan
And prayer is the key.
He will give you the upper hand
To be all that you can be.

By Mark Shields – © 02-23-2017
Image Source

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Finish Strong

Get involved in the work
The Spirit has imparted
With wholehearted effort
To finish what was started.

Be ready for the call
By being worshipful;
Prompted by strong faith
And always being purposeful.

Use God’s great power
To turn your confusions
Into amazing results
With startling conclusions.

Help others love the Truth
By highlighting the good
And kind acts of people
Doing all they could.

Point out to unbelievers
God’s amazing splendor,
His awesome Creation
So to Him they surrender.

Being saved through
The sanctifying function
Of the Holy Spirit
And trinity conjunction.

Share in the amazing glory;
Stand on the firm foundation
Of God’s reliable principles
Provided for the duration.

By Mark Shields – © 02-17-2017
Image Source

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The Way

Jesus made community personal
By selecting twelve to be confidants.
To bond together as His apostles
And share the grace He grants.

Jesus made Himself available;
Always a part of a community
So that when two or more gather,
He is among them in unity.

Jesus uses community
To develop our devotion;
Getting people on track
And setting us in motion.

Jesus wants His love
To always be demonstrated
By the way we have loved;
By the way we have related.

The Lord’s Supper is an occasion
Of joy for the Christian Community
So look forward to communion
Each and every opportunity.

Poem By Mark Shields – © 02-11-2017
Image Source
Poem Inspired from sermon “Jesus Showed us the Way, 02-05-2017
Ramsdell, Steve. “Sermons.” FUMC Waco. Web. 11 Feb. 2017. <>.

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The Champion

00255379Sports is so popular
Because given are examples
Of a strong will to win
And how challenges are handled.
For it is in having a passion
That we see the main source
That leads champions
With this amazing force.
Great players just win!
They have a need to win.
They may take it on the chin
But continue to grin
And find a way
For their team to win.
Take inspiration from them
And if some people say
You are not good enough,
Believe it will be okay.
The passion in you
Will be unstoppable
And no word will be
Uttered like impossible.
Accepted in your heart will be
No such reality as failure
Because you have favor my friend
Received by accepting The Savior!

Poem by Mark Shields – © 02-05-2017

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Change the World for the Better

Make the Impossible Possible
Using faith to initiate
And the love of God
To always allocate.

Go the extra mile
With a steadfastness
Which hope provides
As you enter His vastness.

Share with each other
In a courteous, gentle way
Like a friend encourages
With praises for this day.

Strengthen and encourage
Being always thoughtful
In ways to help each other
To spread the Gospel.

Have faith in God’s instructions
To live an amazing life
By winning the unseen
Battles and daily strife.

Doing good deeds
Daily like clockwork
Inspired by eternal hope
From His handiwork.

For Jesus is the bridge
To the eternal thereof
So encourage each other
With brotherly love.

Be alert and prepared
To receive the Spirit above
Using God’s tools
Of faith hope, and love.

Pray continually;
Receive the fullness;
Help the weak;
Protect all goodness.

Being patient and kind
As you share with everyone
And receive the great joy
Of sharing about His Son.

By Mark Shields – © 02-02-2017
Image Source

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Relay for Life

I lost my mom to cancer in 2006 and have been involve in the American Cancer Society “Relay for Life” for the past ten years. This year, I’m organizing a team to raise funds as we walk in this event. This poem highlights some of the benefits of Relay for Life as the American Cancer Society leads the fight against this horrible disease.

Relay for Life 2013
Relay for Life brings light into the dark
To take away the question mark.
Giving plans to overcome the fear,
Make burdens lighter, and provide good cheer.

Relay for Life provides optimism
For difficult times through activism.
Changing the unbearable
Into what is more endurable.

Giving participants a chance to work as one;
Helping one another until the disease is done.
Working together within a community
To find a cure and ease anxiety.

New medications give hope; a spouse adds love,
A family gives support, and there is help from above.
There are times when the battle is not won
But the optimism for the future means a ton.

Because the positives of all good things
Like hope and unity which Relay brings,
We continue to fight against this vicious malady
With the help of Relay for Life a wonderful charity.

By Mark Shields – © 03-09-2016

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Your Great Purpose

Start fulfillng your purpose now;
never ever looking back
only wishing it had been done
but realizing you got off track.

Step ahead with a plan
that meets people’s needs;
that matches your values
and does many good deeds.

Have a list of dreams;
things to do and when.
Like an athlete seeing
what it takes to win.

Write out things that inspire
like a quote or Bible verse.
Find a link to a video that stirs
and helps the mind to rehearse.

Map out how to stay on course
with a timeline for tasks content
because deadlines are important
like a clock at a sporting event.

As the fourth quarter approaches,
continue to gain greater focus
so that before time runs out,
you’ve met your great purpose.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-19-2017
Image Source

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See It and Believe It

Sports and Lessons LearnedGreat athletes practice
not only for a physical feat
but also in their minds
as they set out to compete.

The hitter in baseball
visualizes the thrower
getting set for the pitch
as he leans lower.

The thrower rocks back
starting his windup
as over his head
his arms comes up.

Towards home plate
the ball is hurled
and the batter decides
should a swing be unfurled?

The batter sees
every detail of the ball
seeming bigger than usual
as he swings with his all.

He feels the ball hit the bat
on the sweet big part.
Jumping off the bat
And into the air it darts.

The lesson learned
as we go about this day
is that in anything we do
or anything we say.

The mind
has to see it
and believe it
to achieve it.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-12-2017

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