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Clear Way to Victory

Step Ahead with boldness Going steadily Forward with certain Expectancy. In Christ Jesus, We are forever free And there is victory For you and me. As a believer We are fearless Because of the power Of the Holy Spirit. Faith … Continue reading

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Bridge the Gap

There are hardships, Embarrassments, Predicaments, Impediments. It’s not easy And there will be Defeats along the way But here is the key. Maintain your hope; Maintain your desire; Maintain your faith And maintain your fire. These qualities Keep you out … Continue reading


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Role Model

With good role models Like parents, teachers, Grandparents, preachers, Or civic leaders. The Individual Increases their chance To see, believe, Achieve and advance. They start to model Positive behavior And start to believe Christ as their savior. They pray and … Continue reading

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Unlimited Learning

Communication And teaching is advanced When more of the person’s Senses are enhanced. Technology Makes this happen When the user is viewing And is interacting. Finding useful And important Information Or noteworthy content. Both sides of the brain Get interested … Continue reading

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The mind has to See it … believe it And plan out the steps To achieve it. Many great athletes Practice with thoughts Before they compete And give it all they got. The batter in baseball Will visualize As the … Continue reading

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Great New Day

Each day is a new day To be an achiever Because from the past You are the receiver Of experiences From your yesterdays And can relate usual things In unusual ways. Each day you have An opportunity To make a … Continue reading

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Your Great Purpose

Start fulfillng your purpose now; never ever looking back only wishing it had been done but realizing you got off track. Step ahead with a plan that meets people’s needs; that matches your values and does many good deeds. Have … Continue reading

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See It and Believe It

Great athletes practice not only for a physical feat but also in their minds as they set out to compete. The hitter in baseball visualizes the thrower getting set for the pitch as he leans lower. The thrower rocks back … Continue reading

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A person’s finest hour And greatest fulfillment Is the exact moment Of a great achievement. When a person has worked Their heart out for a good cause And reflects at the end As they rest and pause. Exhausted but victorious, … Continue reading

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It May Rain but He Still Reigns

If God gives us something to do Just as He did with Noah Follow the instructions He gives Be as Disciplined as Rocky Balboa Obey always the plan Even if it seems hard to believe Or strange and unpopular Act … Continue reading

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