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The Real Thing

Good for the soul Stored up inside Like water in a lake From the mountainside. Refreshed with the real thing And not counterfeit But the Word of God For your benefit. Giving great power Through simplicity When the world offers … Continue reading

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God’s Love for You

God’s love for you Changes thought Giving self-confidence To do what you ought. God’s love for you Gives determination To keep going For the duration. God’s love for you Inspires you to hope Even when down To the end of … Continue reading

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New Year Video Poem

I’ve been working to develop a video of a poem I wrote a while back. It’s a poem to inspire you towards getting off to a great start for each day in this New Year. The reason for the video … Continue reading

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Planting Patience

Own more patience; Make Christ an acquaintance; Endure distress; And God will bless. Be slow to anger By holding the Anchor. Taking in the love From up above. Patient and kind; Keeping Christ in mind; When He hung around sinners; … Continue reading

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