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Questions for Reflection for Study of Romans 7-8

Originally posted on This Day With God:
Paul writes the letter of Romans to the church at Rome while in Corinth on his third missionary journey. Within this letter is a detailed explanation of the Gospel. Paul introduces himself as…

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Keep a wide vision, Applaud differences; The various strengths And weaknesses. Understand others actions Even if you feel A little upset; Say it’s no big deal. For the real big deal Is receiving God’s grace And working together To finish … Continue reading

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The Cure

The Great Physician Diagnosed the world’s sin But all can be healed By believing in Him. New life can begin And all can gain lessons By studying the Holy Word And being grateful for blessings. The Word shows the Way … Continue reading

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The Upper Hand

Reach out and grab The upper hand By studying the Word, Life can be so grand. A daily prayer time; The Lord by your side. Unlimited potential As your faith is applied. Waking up so very early To study His … Continue reading

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Faith Grows Greater

Take action right now To seek what the Creator Has in store for you As faith grows greater. Seek the Lord by reading; Seek Him by daily learning; Seek Him by applying the Word So you become more discerning. The … Continue reading

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Boldly Step Ahead

Angels will help Boldly step ahead. On this spiritual journey Being daily fed. Learning new things About God and self. Refusing mediocrity; Into the Word we delve. Getting ready for the challenge Of each and every day By going to … Continue reading

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Poise and Joys

Feel confident; For God is with us. He leads us; Giving us a plus. Negatives in our life, Lead only to bad results And down the wrong path; Maybe to damaging cults. But we are protected And led to security … Continue reading

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High Integrity

Unified by the ONE true God And on the same page. Building a climate of success Within our present age. With one main purpose And taking on each test. Together we work hard And are so very blessed. Praying to … Continue reading

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The Answers as We Step Ahead

Nations will grow and flourish when the family unit works like a family unit should. This is where we need leadership in putting first things first, having disciplined plans, and carrying these plans out. Leaders of a family instill principles … Continue reading

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The Answers to Our Problems

I have been studying recently in Psalm 120-123 and writing posts at This Day with God. During the time of  David, people fought against each other just like we do today. Think of the fighting that goes on between religions and … Continue reading

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