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Excellent Instructions

Being complacent Never helps to make This world a better place For goodness sake. Stand for excellence And what is righteous Instead of being silent To end a crisis. Follow the instructions Found in God’s Word And He will be … Continue reading

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With all Your Might Do What is Right

Run the race with the finish always in mind and knowing where you are going because His Way is aligned. Use the Word of God to get out of any trap by using the instructions as the perfect road map. … Continue reading

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Strength in Prayer

The first component of meeting a need is going to God who helps to proceed. The Bible tells us that we can always have confidence in our future days. Ask for anything according to his will and believe He provides … Continue reading

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Consulting the ONE so very Awesome

Worship, fast, and pray; get a spiritual refill in order to take action on God’s perfect will. Have the courage to stand up against those that oppose by being filled with faith so that confidence grows. Make the Word a … Continue reading

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Fulfilling a Purpose

Fulfilling a purpose By following a plan And stepping ahead Throughout a lifespan. Out on a mission To bridge the gap By changing lives And following the map. Beginning each day With Bible reading And praying for plans To follow … Continue reading

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Prayer Group

Believe the pathway set ahead Leads to what is good; A place lovely and true; Opposite of worldly falsehood. A pathway which is built On Biblical principles That provide stepping stones To a place of amazing miracles. Desire to be … Continue reading

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Vision Brings Decisions

Faith is all about Praying for God’s direction On what to do in life And feeling His connection. Faith is all about Listening to what He’s said; Seeing the vision And stepping ahead. Faith is all about Knowing His brilliance, … Continue reading

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Never Too Late for a Clean Slate

Questionable deeds Of our sinful past. Where does this lead One may ask? The thoughts of the past can Put tremendous strain on us. Leading to a life of chaos That makes us go nuts. To eventually consume us With … Continue reading

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We all want things To go our way But if not God’s way Then is it okay? Things in this world Are sometimes built Like a house of cards What once flourished begins to wilt. Deceivers lead themselves And others … Continue reading

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Receive His blessing families; His blessing all communities. To fix this broken place, All we need is grace. Receive His blessing all nations; His blessings for peaceful relations. To follow the path And be spared the wrath. History is a … Continue reading

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