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The Pathway Laid is Best Ever Made

Spiritual knowledge is gained from the Word of God ingrained and life experiences or learned lessons. The prophecies come about and the facts leave no doubt that God became flesh; relieving our distress. Teaching the best way to reside and … Continue reading

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The Path

God’s work has laid the path and we just follow the illustration. Responding to God’s love for us; Great effort and inspiration. Increasing positive qualities like faith, self-control, calmness, perseverance, kindness, and love; Mindful of the promise. The promise of … Continue reading

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We Pray

You Lord see so much value in us; so much, You sent your Son to die for us. We pray for a way to give complements and promote confidence. We pray for a way to give praise and adoration; to … Continue reading

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Ready for Each Day

Look at the wonderful sunrise that brightly turns dawn to light. Let’s prepare to learn and be wise with Jesus it will be alright. Look at the beauty of the field ; flowers of bright yellow and blue. Rely on … Continue reading

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Love Proved on the Cross

Inspired by the example of Christ whose love for us was proved on the Cross. Love flows best when it flows freely so relax and know that God is boss. Sweeter than a honeycomb more pleasing than wine, love proofed … Continue reading

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Decisions for Christ

There is a thirst like riding through the desert but with the graces of God’s Spirit we are never hurt. Hearts are nourished by the gospel directing us to where we may find Him as we keep reflecting. Satan’s temptations … Continue reading

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O Praise Him

O praise Him for flowers adorning the earth as examples of God’s grace and giving us new birth. O praise Him for the crisp morning breeze providing a breath of fresh air and making us feel at ease. O praise … Continue reading

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Big Difference in Good and Bad Leadership

History tells us over and over It’s important to focus On what’s in the Bible and not hocus pocus. History tells us the importance of following His plans. Putting things in order and inviting new fans. The Son came to … Continue reading

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The Discipline of a Good Leader

Josiah was king And had this thing; He took action; And it got traction; He worked by the Book; Just take a good look. He wanted peace; He didn’t cease; He followed the Word; The kingdom was stirred; Things then … Continue reading

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Steps to Take

Start each day out right; Each morning see the light. Tell God your need; He will help to proceed. Pray with confidence And expect assistance. Listen for instructions, Then take actions. If plans need adjustment, Pray even more fervent. Know … Continue reading

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