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The Gift That Keeps Giving

Because of God’s gift of Jesus, grace keeps on flowing from day to day; from year to year; from generation to generation. If you or someone you know has not received this gift, here is a link for instructions to accept … Continue reading

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Wish List For Christmas

I wish I had answers to all my questions; knowing what to do or getting suggestions. I wish I knew without a doubt that things would get better; for answers to come and my faith not in a fetter. I … Continue reading

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Remember that all things are possible with the Lord. For His Spirit is in us as we step forward. Remember that God’s Light defeats all the darkness and the radiance of His glory changes any sadness. Remember that God Is … Continue reading

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Emmanuel means God is with you. With you in difficulty; Getting you through. Emmanuel means Nothing is impossible For God is with you And everything is possible. Everything is possible Even during doubt. Just reach on out And give Him … Continue reading

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The Gift of a Savior

Searching for the right gift So little time to go The stress is high All the lights aglow Remember it is time The stretch of the season Our Savior was born This is the true reason Because of a baby … Continue reading

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Christmas Star

Just like the wise men Looking for Jesus again Gaze for a star today To lead the way Search with persistence Even under resistance The star may be a friend Or new song to send The star may be a … Continue reading

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The Light of Christmas

During this time of Christmas, it’s a beautiful sight. For in a time of darkness, God sent The Light. For those in hunger, living a life in strife; there is always hope in The Bread of Life. Even in doubt … Continue reading

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