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Guided By His Word

The Lord guides us today And things fall into place With the spoken word That we love to embrace. Lessons are given From the Bible That sink into the heart And make us able. Instructions are given As we follow … Continue reading

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Harness the Power of the Holy Spirit

Life is short so set sail On your destination Going afar With determination. Always dreaming big With affirmation Toward aspirations Using imagination. Like the great power Of the wind The Holy Spirit gives Power to ascend. To think farther Beyond … Continue reading

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Grace Heals

Crowds flocked to Him Because He could please With Divine power To heal disease. While on this earth Jesus was about Handling problems That had to be worked out. A personal friend Offering grace To all who followed And tried … Continue reading

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Discern the Best Way

Let us consider All ramifications And Inquire of the Lord For directions. For decisions On priority, Using time wisely, And acting morally. What seems to be small May become large So seek to clarify Letting God be in charge. Staying … Continue reading

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Direction for Dreams

Know the role to play To best help the team With a clear picture To fulfill the dream. Paint a clear picture Within the mind Of your current life And what God has designed. For He will give you Wonderful … Continue reading

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When God is with you, everything is good but separated, it’s not as it should. That’s the reason all sin He suspends for on the cross He made the amends. Victory comes when the Lord is with you and sets … Continue reading

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You have a part; a part to play If having difficulty, believe it will be okay. Receive the hope; a clearer picture to a future victory told in the Scripture. Stay on track, go the direction, play your part, seek … Continue reading

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Our Blessed Day Has Begun

God speaks to us Through His Word And as we pray The future is not blurred. He knows about the past, The present and our hopes. He knows how each Reacts when on the ropes. So study the Word, Pray … Continue reading

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Rules We Live By

There are rules we live by And they are our guardrails; Found in His Word; Lighting our trails. These rules give us His design for living; Blessing those who Constantly are seeking. These rules lead us As we grab His … Continue reading

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Trust is a Must

Pray and be patient, Praise God and say wow! No need to rush And want things now. Society is impatient With technology today, Expecting immediate satisfaction To come its way. Desiring the latest and greatest With a few clicks of … Continue reading

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