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The Way I’m Guided

Thankful for the path provided That leads the way; The way I’m guided Each and every day. Thankful for the path provided And the Spirit of power; The way I’m guided Through each and every hour. Thankful for the path … Continue reading

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Focused on the Way

The nation of Israel got into trouble every time they resisted the leadership of Moses and Aaron. We can take this lesson of history to help us see the need to follow the way of God. Nations have a problem … Continue reading

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Keep Focusing on the Destination

The journey through life Is not always easy Thinking of hard times, The stomach is queasy. But things will work out As you prioritize Into God’s plan To reach new highs. By focusing more On your destiny, You’ll hand off … Continue reading

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Stepping Ahead to Hebrews

Be nourished by the gospel; Applying what you learn By following Jesus At each and every turn. Be an example to others And develop strengths carefully By determining your main purpose That fulfills your destiny Be an overcomer; Endure difficulty … Continue reading

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Finish the Race as Champion

There may be days Of doubt but hold on For there is always hope As a new day will dawn. For you were created For the high destiny Of running to the end For a sure victory. A purpose for … Continue reading

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The Way of Truth

Thoughts are undivided, Thankful for the path That’s provided And being guided. The way of Christ In whose name we pray And to our destiny Without delay. One act of kindness, A smile or good deed, Encouraging each other As … Continue reading

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To plan, to think; To give it some thought And always delivering Our very best shot. It takes courage To handle the test And take action Towards our best. But we have a Helper In the Holy Spirit Giving confidence … Continue reading

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Ripple Effect

The actions of our now Will help to allow A chance to make an impact And keep us on track. Those that realize the need To correct any misdeeds Proceed with activities With great possibilities. Bitterness and Jealousy Can wreck … Continue reading

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Fulfilling Your Destiny

In fulfilling your destiny, put God in the center, depend on His guidance, and team up with a mentor.   Dream big like Daniel and difficulties can be faced. The old ways are dismantled; new ways are chased. Notice what … Continue reading

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Standing Up to Fear

A bird at our neighbor’s house was not scared when we walked near her. Wondering why she was not frightened, we then realized she was sitting on her eggs. We could get right up next to her and it would … Continue reading

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