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Focused on the Way

The nation of Israel got into trouble every time they resisted the leadership of Moses and Aaron. We can take this lesson of history to help us see the need to follow the way of God. Nations have a problem … Continue reading

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Keep Focusing on the Destination

The journey through life Is not always easy Thinking of hard times, The stomach is queasy. But things will work out As you prioritize Into God’s plan To reach new highs. By focusing more On your destiny, You’ll hand off … Continue reading

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Direction for Dreams

Know the role to play To best help the team With a clear picture To fulfill the dream. Paint a clear picture Within the mind Of your current life And what God has designed. For He will give you Wonderful … Continue reading

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Your Role for the Goal

You need to determine The role you will play To be at your best For each and every day. Like the athlete Out of position To help the team Beat the competition, Switch your position And find your strength To … Continue reading

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Spark in the Dark

Know where you stand Where you want to go With a passion To always grow. Discover the thing You can provide To a world in need Distant and wide. Identify your Strength that reflects Creativity And wonderful effects. Discover who … Continue reading

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Think and Go Far

Think about the direction You would like to go Even though many Choose to forgo. Without hesitation, Seek suggestions For your progression In the right direction. Leading to a place You can rejoice Because you thought And made a choice … Continue reading

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Amazing God

We seek new heights And continue the climb. The impossible becomes possible One day at a time. Our great faith Makes all things workable With our Creator Who is always so personal. We intercede for others; He listens to our … Continue reading

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Don’t believe in defeat The future is not bleak Nothing is impossible For with God, all is possible Let us be touched with divine power And never ever cower For greatness is released And His favor is increased In every … Continue reading

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Set Free to the Light

The Gospel Message Has a beautiful Refreshing simplicity To help us be fruitful Believe and know Things become improved Jesus is doing a new thing As we are inspired and moved Jesus taught about prayer What God wants done Even … Continue reading

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Hope for a Nation

Hope affects current behavior As we build toward a better life. We visualize the rewards, See a better future without strife. We pray for His direction; And our determination; Then work is done without trepidation And before us is a … Continue reading

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