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The Gift That Keeps Giving

Because of God’s gift of Jesus, grace keeps on flowing from day to day; from year to year; from generation to generation. If you or someone you know has not received this gift, here is a link for instructions to accept … Continue reading

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Wish List For Christmas

I wish I had answers to all my questions; knowing what to do or getting suggestions. I wish I knew without a doubt that things would get better; for answers to come and my faith not in a fetter. I … Continue reading

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Perfect Plan

One plan is perfect; God’s plan for everyone; It is an amazing gift; The gift of His Son. His love for us is forever And although there is sin, Christ died for us To renew us again. God’s plan is … Continue reading

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Faith For Everyday Living

      You may not always be prepared For what life may bring your way. All you can do is step ahead With faith for every day. God will pull you through In a time of despair or doubt. … Continue reading

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Joy Grows Stronger

We may be interrupted With a road block in life That holds us back And causes so much strife Joseph went through it When he was interrupted As Mary was pregnant And rumors erupted But God provides a way He … Continue reading

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The Gift of a Savior

Searching for the right gift So little time to go The stress is high All the lights aglow Remember it is time The stretch of the season Our Savior was born This is the true reason Because of a baby … Continue reading

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