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Finish the Race as Champion

There may be days Of doubt but hold on For there is always hope As a new day will dawn. For you were created For the high destiny Of running to the end For a sure victory. A purpose for … Continue reading

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Liberty Brings Victory

Always bring honor To the Lord each hour By speaking out against Those abusing power. For liberty, justice, And equality Received from the Lord Give tranquility. Defeat those who deceive For together we can By following the Word The Lord’s … Continue reading

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The Way Today

Desire to be thought of In a positive way But most important Follow the Way today. Long for the hope And the patience needed; Appreciative That love interceded. Be driven by an Uplifted life To amazing heights Where there is … Continue reading

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Treasure Beyond Measure

Living for His glory Is so very fulfilling Stimulating interest In what is thrilling. Where the path to insight Is there for many Leading to the way Of a life with plenty. Asking God for help, Dreaming each day Of … Continue reading

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Finish Strong

Get involved in the work The Spirit has imparted With wholehearted effort To finish what was started. Be ready for the call By being worshipful; Prompted by strong faith And always being purposeful. Use God’s great power To turn your … Continue reading

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Remember that all things are possible with the Lord. For His Spirit is in us as we step forward. Remember that God’s Light defeats all the darkness and the radiance of His glory changes any sadness. Remember that God Is … Continue reading

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Morning Prayer

There is a calmness When we learn to let go, Accept our lot in life And put God in control. This day with You Lord, We put You in full control For You are big enough To always protect our … Continue reading

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Just Being a Friend

Constantly seek unity Without impunity. Humbly seek peace That never will cease. Care for others; This should be our druthers. Treat everyone the same And glorify His name. When making a decision, Have great vision, With concern for the well-being, … Continue reading


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A Glimpse of Heaven

We can trust our God To build a new heaven and a new earth Peace is the governor Of this place of great worth Our hope is real No more pain or mourning Righteousness the ruler He is with us … Continue reading

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Overcome with God by Your Side

Hold on tight It will be all right May be down for a moment But His way is so potent The Day of Judgment is ominous But be reminded of God’s promises With God you can overcome And not be … Continue reading

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