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Pulling for the cherished local sports teams but the only thing, they lose it seems. It is better pulling for God’s great team since final victory is the main theme. The gathering place for His faithful people is a wonderful … Continue reading

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Slow Down and Smell the Roses

Everyone needs a break in life And within each is imagination The workshop of the mind Ready to energize a nation So start living in ways that lead To satisfaction and health Slow down and smell the roses For this … Continue reading

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The Benefits of a Walk

Take a little time in your day To walk and meander along the way, Having no destination in mind; The beauty is in the walking you will find. Take the fast pace out of living. Forget past hurts and be … Continue reading

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Devotion and Passion

Put your heart in the right place as you arise; Make the things of God your prize; Take the lead; In every deed. Have an ongoing commitment; Go the distance until fulfillment; Run the victorious way; Share the victory with … Continue reading

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Spiritual Transformation

Start with a small change, Then add improvement little by little. Focus on changing just one thing at a time And then before long you will soar like an eagle. Be present and enjoy the activity, Not focusing so much … Continue reading

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Workers Deserve A Holiday

What is “Labor Day”? It’s a federal holiday in the United States observed on the first Monday in September to celebrate the economic and social contribution of workers. Workers deserve a holiday. Think of the issues faced at work; people … Continue reading

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