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No Pain – No Gain

There are pressures faced And deadlines come about But with good people It all works out. For major problems To overcome, There is inspiration So raise your thumb. They can be worked out With God on your side, Taking in … Continue reading

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Step Ahead with a Plan

When you look back on life, Be able to say I gave it my all I followed the best way. To step ahead, There needs to be a plan With a passion To be all I can. Create a list … Continue reading

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Receive His blessing families; His blessing all communities. To fix this broken place, All we need is grace. Receive His blessing all nations; His blessings for peaceful relations. To follow the path And be spared the wrath. History is a … Continue reading

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Trust is a Must

Pray and be patient, Praise God and say wow! No need to rush And want things now. Society is impatient With technology today, Expecting immediate satisfaction To come its way. Desiring the latest and greatest With a few clicks of … Continue reading

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Let Us Never Forget Their Faces

The faces you see are not just a number Or a statistic of those fallen in war. They are our brothers, neighbors And friends that we should all adore.  Their names are forever Written in stone. They died for our … Continue reading

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