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Productive And Efficient

Photo Source – Bing Images In Judges 7 , God gave Gideon a plan that was productive and efficient. The poem below is inspired by that plan. Make it an affirmation for you as you go about your day. God’s … Continue reading

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Step Ahead with Faith

Gideon gives us all a good example to follow. The poem below is about how he took a stand against idol worship. We can all be inspired by this great character of the Bible. Make the poem below an affirmation … Continue reading

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Today’s Exciting Gift

The disciples did What Jesus said to do. I should do it too And so should you. So let us start a spark In sisters and brothers To share the Good News And prepare others. So they are excited Opening … Continue reading

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“V” For Victory

With the new covenant, All sins are gone And all belong As we carry on. Working together To form a “V” We help each other To be all we can be. Each member receives Combined strength of the whole With … Continue reading

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With God by your side, All is possible So step ahead To the impossible. Broaden potential And just do it By using the power Of the Holy Spirit. By accepting Jesus, Receive this resource To go faster … further With … Continue reading

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Things Fall in Place Because of Grace

Irritated by others Going the wrong way When sometimes we Are the ones that stray. Going in circles Throughout each day Following man made rules Rather than God’s Way. Which is found in scripture And what we should embrace As … Continue reading

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United for the Impossible

Extra power For every hour. Doing what we should; Whatever is good. Feeding all people Under the steeple; Organized in groups Like a crowd of troops. More than enough, All this foodstuff, Making possible, The impossible! So never fret, Needs … Continue reading

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Spirit Aflame

This day with God, The Spirit is aflame, The past is gone, The future will be changed. Nothing bad remains, Thinking … oh wow, Feeling energized Right here, right now! Living this day To the fullest Getting to new places … Continue reading

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Calming the Storm

Storms of anxiety, Storms of sorrow, Will be calmed with A better tomorrow. Replaced with faith As confidence grows Because He’s with you And always knows. So step ahead my friend And be of good cheer For He’s in your … Continue reading

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Seed to Succeed

Like a mustard seed, God’s kingdom starts small Then continues to grow To be largest of all. It may seem small at first But grows on many an acre Big enough to become The difference maker. There is no need … Continue reading

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