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New Creation

Reconciled to God Through Jesus Christ And living for the ONE Who died for our life! A new creation; Wrong-doing wiped clean With access through prayer To power unseen. An amazing power To help achieve Significant dreams If we only … Continue reading

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Think of all the Great discoveries Made over the years In various academies. Many made by accident By those who related The unrelated And just waited. Taking objects, Ideas, an asset To meet various needs That have not yet been … Continue reading

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Dream and Discover

Reaching for the stars Certainly can be dicey But new ideas result In better days to be. Dream about the possibilities So opportunities are not missed. To be all you can be, Continue to persist. Think of the discoveries Made … Continue reading

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We all have the ability to think and recall to reason and visualize; to have the wherewithal. So choose to create and imagine it all. Putting thought Into the long haul. It may take some time for thinking is hard … Continue reading

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Christopher Columbus Set out to find a way But discovered a new land Known as America today. So as you go about this day, Set out to do the same; Discovering something new Where your dream comes true Or at … Continue reading

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Slow Down and Smell the Roses

Everyone needs a break in life And within each is imagination The workshop of the mind Ready to energize a nation So start living in ways that lead To satisfaction and health Slow down and smell the roses For this … Continue reading

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