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The Star

Just like the wise men Looking for Jesus again, Gaze for a star today To lead the way. Search with persistence Even under resistance For the star is a friend Or new song to send. A Bible verse Ready to … Continue reading

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The Gift That Keeps Giving

Because of God’s gift of Jesus, grace keeps on flowing from day to day; from year to year; from generation to generation. If you or someone you know has not received this gift, here is a link for instructions to accept … Continue reading

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Love from Above

Even after difficult circumstances We can make tremendous advances. For in God’s timing all things work out So we give praise and remain devout. We may be put in a position of strife But it may be for some purpose … Continue reading

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Love on Display

Jesus came because we needed a guide To help us follow the Way and not slide. Jesus came as a servant to identify with us. He knows how hard life can be and thus He knows what hard work is; … Continue reading

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Step of Faith

Many challenges we face; Seems like mission impossible But then as we take a step of faith It all of a sudden is made possible. We meet the challenge As God’s Word makes a way And it is extremely rewarding … Continue reading

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Emmanuel means God is with you. With you in difficulty; Getting you through. Emmanuel means Nothing is impossible For God is with you And everything is possible. Everything is possible Even during doubt. Just reach on out And give Him … Continue reading

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We all want things To go our way But if not God’s way Then is it okay? Things in this world Are sometimes built Like a house of cards What once flourished begins to wilt. Deceivers lead themselves And others … Continue reading

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Jesus Came

Jesus came to fulfill God’s covenant; A chance to be free without any punishment. Jesus came with Good News and concern; Going throughout Galilee so many would learn. Jesus came with spirit and liberty; Preaching to all about the victory. … Continue reading

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Inspiration For A Generation

Problems have to be faced, Priorities must be placed So always put God first And His power is dispersed. Obey His commands; And take on life’s demands. Make sure His advice is desired And do everything required. To be blessed, … Continue reading

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The Flood and the Blood

After the flood All had perished Except those with Noah Who God always cherished Then He made a covenant To never flood the whole world The sign of this covenant A rainbow skyward curled A peaceful reminder To take care … Continue reading

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