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Led by the Spirit

The actions of the past Led down the wrong way As many loved evil And were led astray. But life gave warning And lessons were learned So a new way was taken And the old way spurned. As the Word … Continue reading

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Liberty Brings Victory

Always bring honor To the Lord each hour By speaking out against Those abusing power. For liberty, justice, And equality Received from the Lord Give tranquility. Defeat those who deceive For together we can By following the Word The Lord’s … Continue reading

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In God We Trust

Many national governments around the world are in debt. National leaders need to be held to account in how they handle the people’s money. This picture was taken by my daughter when she went on a school trip to Washington … Continue reading

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One Common Link

Like oil mixed with water, Winter and silk, Pizza and weight loss Or vinegar with milk The world has idols Worshiped in wickedness That do not mix well With righteousness. But a common link Is the Holy Spirit And paradise … Continue reading

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Leaders motivate In different ways Some never work But one is okay. The fear of demotion Or plan of retirement Are not as effective As empowerment. Internalized Inspiration Being sustained With affirmation. Built up for the long run Allowing people … Continue reading

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Questions for Reflection for Study of Romans 7-8

Originally posted on This Day With God – A Spiritual Journey:
Paul writes the letter of Romans to the church at Rome while in Corinth on his third missionary journey. Within this letter is a detailed explanation of the Gospel.…

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Servant Attitude

Do people see God’s love in me? Loving one another is the key. Being of one heart and mind; Doing much for mankind; Following Jesus wherever He leads; A Spirit of unity to serve many needs. Taking care of all … Continue reading

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We all want things To go our way But if not God’s way Then is it okay? Things in this world Are sometimes built Like a house of cards What once flourished begins to wilt. Deceivers lead themselves And others … Continue reading

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Smarter Leadership

There is a need for our leaders To take a stand on a tough matters Just telling the truth And not trying to flatter Leaders full of honesty Knowing it’s the best policy Demonstrating character and flair Going to God … Continue reading

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The Power of Words

Words can connect Or they can redirect. Take time to associate So it’s easier to negotiate. Use words that persuade So it can be conveyed That it’s about them. They are a gem. Explain the subject So others will interject. … Continue reading

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