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Organized for Victory

Like a playbook for a football team or musical notes for a marching band, God’s Word helps us stay organized to win at life as we study together and as the Holy Spirit helps us apply what we are told … Continue reading

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Be Wise and Organize

Any leader If they are wise Should prioritize And organize. Accountability Is the way to go To function properly And make things flow. All team members Should do their part To offer ideas In how to work smart. For when … Continue reading

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My Part of the World

In local news this week, workers have started the process of the Demolition of Floyd Casey Stadium. I had many fond memories of watching games over many years there. Here is a picture of the new McLane Stadium as we … Continue reading

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Walk With Integrity

The first order of business is prayer. Know what needs to improve And get on the move. Fulfilling promises made And making a passing grade. Developing good inclinations And building good foundations. Being an example for others to go behind. … Continue reading

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Effective Decisions for Leaders

Speak out Know what you’re about; Who you are; And plan to go far. State your objectives; Explain with directives; Let others ask questions; And offer suggestions.   Affirm what you see; To set the priority; Make expectations clear; And … Continue reading

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Path to Leadership

Leaders need associations And to build first-class relations To have brilliant advisors And superb supervisors  Leaders need information And to get affirmation To do as they ought And read to be taught Leaders need know-how Willing to help now Taking … Continue reading

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