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Step Ahead to Easter

The winter no longer Cold and blistery As new growth of spring Fills us with mystery. The event of Easter took us from despair To hope as the tomb Was suddenly bare. Reminding us now Of God’s love That fills … Continue reading

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Boldly Step Ahead

Angels will help Boldly step ahead. On this spiritual journey Being daily fed. Learning new things About God and self. Refusing mediocrity; Into the Word we delve. Getting ready for the challenge Of each and every day By going to … Continue reading

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Joy Grows Stronger

We may be interrupted With a road block in life That holds us back And causes so much strife Joseph went through it When he was interrupted As Mary was pregnant And rumors erupted But God provides a way He … Continue reading

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Getting Closer to God

Going to You in times of discouragement. Having an attitude of humility; Being open to criticism; Growing and gaining durability. Going to You in times of discouragement. Worldly things may taste sweet at first But ultimately become bitter. Your Word … Continue reading

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The Weapon of Prayer

Sometimes the only weapon we have is prayer; But with prayer there is great power. For God is continually with us; He is dependable for every hour. He is our forever helper; To overcome fear and doubt; To overcome temptation; … Continue reading

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The Crown of Life

Let us be dedicated to the Lord. Let us grow And be strengthened; Let us cherish our soul. Give the Lord our fear. He will return conviction. For the path was found after the crucifixion. Wait for the Lord at … Continue reading

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Path to Freedom

Negative habits require no effort and they enslave but good habits require effort. Build up a resistance to negative habits by submitting to Christ and being free from havoc. Corruption and sin is our competition but the Gospel message refreshes … Continue reading

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