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The Way I’m Guided

Thankful for the path provided That leads the way; The way I’m guided Each and every day. Thankful for the path provided And the Spirit of power; The way I’m guided Through each and every hour. Thankful for the path … Continue reading

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Line Up with the Plan

Leave nothing unfinished And do things haphazard But always be reaching For the high standard. If something’s not right, You have to admit it, Start all over, Set out to fix it. There is no compromise With the enemy For … Continue reading

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Today’s Exciting Gift

The disciples did What Jesus said to do. I should do it too And so should you. So let us start a spark In sisters and brothers To share the Good News And prepare others. So they are excited Opening … Continue reading

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Step Ahead with Optimism and Courage

I’ll follow the Way And keep the faith As I follow Jesus And escape the scathe. If trouble comes my way, I’ll maintain hope And pray to God To stay in scope. I’ll keep going even If I consider It’s … Continue reading

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Sunset on the Year

With a hope … a wish, The year begins to sunset So aspire to go further To places not dreamed of yet. All that is required Is a mission A clear vision With ambition. For you have unique Talents … … Continue reading

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The Star

Just like the wise men Looking for Jesus again, Gaze for a star today To lead the way. Search with persistence Even under resistance For the star is a friend Or new song to send. A Bible verse Ready to … Continue reading

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Awesome Wonder

Insults and mocking But purpose fulfilled Upon the cross When Jesus was killed So if facing hard times Don’t get downcast But keep the faith And forget the past. Be inspired by Jesus Withstanding misery To provide all The final … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Victory

Thanksgiving is a time For family and food And an attitude Of gratitude. Football games are viewed And our favorite teams May not always win But one team does it seems. So be grateful For this mystery And how our … Continue reading

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To achieve more Than you ever knew Work God’s plan He’s given you. The Truth will set you free To do what you need to do In following the Way God has given you. Have faith in the Way That … Continue reading

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Store Up Thoughts That Inspire

In following God’s Way, There are things to tweak For the Spirit is willing But the flesh is weak. So I aspire With passion and fire To store up thoughts That always inspire. Rather than searching For things to acquire, … Continue reading

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