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Life with God

In order to meet needs, persist when times are tough and know with confidence God is big enough. Ask for anything according to His will knowing He will hear and give you the skill. Ask for it to be given; … Continue reading

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Unseen Power

Facing constant doubt Or fear all the time There is a power To start a new climb. The power connection Of the Holy Spirit Strengthened in faith To be fearless. Connected to the Greatest power ever To help with struggle … Continue reading

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The ONE to Look To

The world can be a difficult place But we all can win the race If we turn to the Lord And get on board. Acknowledge He paid the price; Then pray for His solid advice; Accumulate knowledge from His Word … Continue reading

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Fruits of the Spirit – Self Control

The Spirit makes us better; As we work together; Ready to take on stress; And be at our best. Controlling pressures And worldly pleasures. The Holy Spirit in us Providing the big plus. Helping us be aware; Always taking care; … Continue reading

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Don’t believe in defeat The future is not bleak Nothing is impossible For with God, all is possible Let us be touched with divine power And never ever cower For greatness is released And His favor is increased In every … Continue reading

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New Year Inspiration

I arise today through a mighty strength The strength of the trinity A strength that guides me A strength that encourages me You are above me You are within me You are before me You are below me I believe … Continue reading

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The compassion and power of Christ See it in action each day Share so others believe And many begin to pray Continue to trust and grow Then clearly revealed Within our hearts Is our faith unsealed The actions of Jesus … Continue reading

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Unlimited Power

God has unlimited power and this power is demonstrated in the actions of His Son. When you see and hear that positive results occur, then we become a believer. Then as this believe grows, it is then clearly revealed in … Continue reading

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Stepping Ahead with Faith

We met a challenge today Passionately believing as we ran The world always says we can’t But faith says we can Miracles happen That’s what faith can do One day at a time Our dreams are coming true Asking God … Continue reading

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He is the mighty ONE Who performs mighty deeds Seek a life with Him And plant some seeds Be filled with the best inside That satisfies the soul The source of spiritual nutrition That helps to reach the goal It … Continue reading

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