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Admit It to Fix It

A point of total Moral decay Requires a return To the Lord’s Way. Admitting corruption In order to fix it With integrity From Holy Spirit. Going to the Lord To become strong, And to know right From what’s wrong. On … Continue reading

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Withstand the Test of Time

Made of black granite, A solid material, Is the Vietnam Wall Memorial. Reliable like God’s Lasting principles Through the test of time And invincible. To honor those who gave The ultimate sacrifice Much like our Christ Dying for our life. … Continue reading

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Spirit Aflame

The nation of Israel was in a time of decline as recorded in Judges 19. They had reached a point of total moral decay. Removing Godly principles from a society has disastrous effects so the poem below is to inspire … Continue reading

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Step Ahead To The Reward

When my daughter was at college in Abilene Texas, we had several occasions to visit on weekends for activities. On one occasion, we had some extra time, so we went to visit Fort Phantom Hill which is about 15 miles … Continue reading

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Led By Love From Above

Bad leadership Leads to decline But love from above Makes everything fine. So stay on track Stepping ahead And sharing the Word So it will spread. Working together For the good of all Following the mission And fulfilling a call. … Continue reading

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Fulfill A Mission

Samson used the occasion in Judges 16 to fulfill his mission in life. He prayed that God would use his strength for one more great purpose as he pushed down the two pillars that supported the temple. The temple came … Continue reading

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Flowing Grace

We know of Samson’s physical strength but what is most astonishing is the strength he received from the Spirit of the Lord and that same spiritual power is available to us. Use this poem as an affirmation for the strength … Continue reading

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Into The Light

This poem is inspired by Judges 14 when Samson’s wife coaxed him into telling her the answer to a riddle. He had a bet with her people that they could not solve the riddle during the feast. The world can … Continue reading

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Grow and Gather Strength

Samson grew strong And so can we With years of growth Like a mature tree. With God’s Word, We gather strength For He’s always Within arm’s length. Using each of our strengths For the great commission There is encouragement Towards … Continue reading

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Aspire to Apply the Word

You are wonderfully made as God’s work of art. Use you calling or platform you have to fulfill His purpose. The reservoir of thoughts collected will replenish the soul not only for yourself but those around you. Make the poem … Continue reading

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