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Rewards for Following the Way

Passion to your destiny, Devotion to your call Will lead you to a reward Beneficial for all. Keep your eye on the reward And if there is a setback, Remain confident in God To help you with a comeback. When … Continue reading

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Impossible Becomes Possible

By putting focus On our Creator, All things are made Greater and greater. The world wants to tell us That God is not real But the ONE who created All things is to whom we kneel. The rainbows we see … Continue reading

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The Flood and the Blood

After the flood All had perished Except those with Noah Who God always cherished Then He made a covenant To never flood the whole world The sign of this covenant A rainbow skyward curled A peaceful reminder To take care … Continue reading

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A Healthy New Start

Noah carried out God’s plan In building the ark To wash away sins And to give a new start The flood destroyed everything But never again though For the symbol of God’s promise Is the beautiful rainbow Today, God can … Continue reading

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