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Loving God and Neighbor

To love the Lord With all my heart And my neighbor Each day I start. Is a commandment Of most importance And brings to life Great significance. Each and every day I will always embrace To expand my faith And … Continue reading

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Sure Victory in Life

  Each generation Within societies Have different needs And priorities. Each can help another By sharing ideas, Giving suggestions, Knowing what the key is. Assisting in life, Being determined And passionate About faith for certain. Sharing about The sure victory … Continue reading

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Highway to Heaven

Concerned for the future, Aiming for the best. Helping each other To pass each test. Working together To make good happen. Offering God’s Way With such a passion. Removing all obstacles, Staying on the path. Accepting grace, Never the wrath. … Continue reading

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Constrict Conflict

When there is kindness, Compassion is imparted. Communication is important To get harmony started. The help given to others Will be given back So if one is kind, Kindness is given back. Intentions are communicated To meet one another in … Continue reading

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High Integrity

Unified by the ONE true God And on the same page. Building a climate of success Within our present age. With one main purpose And taking on each test. Together we work hard And are so very blessed. Praying to … Continue reading

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Dawn of a New Year

Organizing thoughts Connecting the dots Revealing the subtle Reading a book as I snuggle Next to the fire Oh how I admire The stories of a good book Looking at pictures we took A movie we might see As we … Continue reading

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Invite and Encourage

We each have a part to play; As we invite others to join; And encourage each day. We help to make choices; Share about the joy; And give a lift with kind voices. The Designer of heaven and earth Cares … Continue reading

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