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Giving Confidence

Good Leaders exhibit confidence Because they know God is there. Fears are overcome As they offer a prayer. Prayer is a their weapon As they seek to do what’s right. They are assured God is helping And ready for every … Continue reading

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Where Everything Begins

It all begins with Him So before things get grim, Bring things before the Lord And gain the reward. You are God’s Temple, It’s really very simple, So have no excuse And decide to produce. Find a Holy space; A … Continue reading

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The Leadership Way

Leaders that reject the way End up disappointed each day. They lead us into a deep hole. They need someone to console. They need to ask the right questions And get good suggestions. They need to respond And then go … Continue reading

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Let the Master Handle Disaster

Every current disaster Has an answer When we go to the Master; Put Christ In the center of it. Let us commit And the Holy Spirit Will begin to emit And faith will transmit Our trust in the ONE, To … Continue reading

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The Bible Invites Life

This poem was inspired by a sermon at First Methodist Church of Waco. The Bible invites life; Life in relationship with a Risen Savior; The Savior that overcame death; This Risen Savior changes our behavior. The Bible invites life; Life made … Continue reading

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Be Lifted to New Heights of Accomplishment

Be lifted to new heights of accomplishment By simplifying and letting God do the amazing part. Write the script of life with a pencil. God has the eraser and given you the heart. Explore new opportunities. When the God of … Continue reading

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Putting God First

When we put God first Power is dispersed; To carry out work with reason And build in this season. To have the right concerns; Faith until He returns. Using gifts to help each other; Growing with one another. The way … Continue reading

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Amazed and Inspired

Who is God? The One who is not flawed; Maker of the heaven and earth; The One with us from birth; The breath of all Creation; The same for every generation; The One who makes it thunder; Provides miracles and … Continue reading

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Keep returning to God with humbleness And renew daily in prayer. Resist discouragement By knowing He will always be there. Poem written by Mark Shields – © 8-27-2013

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The Answers as We Step Ahead

One of the main thoughts from Ecclesiastes 5 is that we need to listen to God throughout the day. He can say something to us through another person, a book, a movie, through art and music. Most of all, He … Continue reading

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