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If You Want More Followers, Then Leave a Link for Me to Share!

This weekend, take some time to dream about your potential for greatness.

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Workplace Kindness

Respect creates cooperation In any vocation So be kind at the workplace In each and every case Offensive behavior has a high price So always think twice Make the right choices Listen to the right voices See things as they … Continue reading

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Mystery of Prayer

Prayers are like written notes Collected next to the alter of all time Producing great changes upon earth As people work in their upward climb A team going in the same direction Pulling together to get to where they want … Continue reading

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Delight Yourself in the LORD

Make the things of God your prize; Put your heart in the right place as you arise; Take the lead; In every deed; Have an ongoing commitment; Go the distance until fulfillment; Run the victorious way; Share the victory with … Continue reading

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