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Living with Purpose

Purpose in your life is a major key in fulfilling dreams and being all you can be. So know your skills and go after first the task in which you are well versed. An amazing future will be available because … Continue reading

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A good football team studies the competition by looking at game film of the opponents mission. Looking for their tendencies and we too face competition which is anything that holds us back from our own mission. Things like fear, despair, … Continue reading

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Connection for Direction

Praying before going; Looking for a sign; Waiting to proceed At the right time. There is confidence A sign will be given To carry out a mission; To be divinely driven. The power of prayer; Receiving Divine help; Setting out … Continue reading

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Unlimited Ability With Humility

We all live on this earth For such a short time But we can take solace In our tie to the Vine. For Jesus did die Upon that Cross And the enemy Was left at a loss. Each of us … Continue reading

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The Know How in the Here and Now

Mount Ararat – Resting Spot of Noah’s Ark The rains finally stopped The ark came to a halt Upon the highest spot On a mountain top God gave Noah the know how And in the here and now He gives … Continue reading

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On a Mission

What’s your thing? What skill can you bring? To fit in nicely Know your purpose precisely To use time wisely Taking criticism lightly Keeping calm if road blocks happen Thinking peaceful settings Thankful for many blessings Looking at the valley … Continue reading

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People We Enjoy Being Around

What is it about some people that make us want to be around them? One trait is that they see others as being important with unique skills. They never underestimate potential in others. Are there stories you have heard or … Continue reading

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