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Inspire Big Smiles

Life can throw us for a loop But we can always recoup If we know that everyday We are going the right way. Lifting up with gentleness And setting a precedence. Supporting with kindness To handle any crisis. Influencing others … Continue reading

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Just Being a Friend

Constantly seek unity Without impunity. Humbly seek peace That never will cease. Care for others; This should be our druthers. Treat everyone the same And glorify His name. When making a decision, Have great vision, With concern for the well-being, … Continue reading

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Connect with Respect

Gain respect with behavior With hard work and endurance Loose respect with negative actions With negligence and incompetence Some act as though They know everything Thinking they are something But not doing anything They set others up for failure Refusing … Continue reading

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Removing Obstacles

Many like to Go around an obstacle. Instead, remove it So the impossible is possible. Seek God’s help; Pray that the tension Is removed by God Who brings protection. Pray with openness And with sincerity; Ask for wisdom; God to … Continue reading

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People We Enjoy Being Around

What is it about some people that make us want to be around them? One trait is that they see others as being important with unique skills. They never underestimate potential in others. Are there stories you have heard or … Continue reading

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