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The Leadership Way

Leaders that reject the way End up disappointed each day. They lead us into a deep hole. They need someone to console. They need to ask the right questions And get good suggestions. They need to respond And then go … Continue reading

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Devotion and Passion

Put your heart in the right place as you arise; Make the things of God your prize; Take the lead; In every deed. Have an ongoing commitment; Go the distance until fulfillment; Run the victorious way; Share the victory with … Continue reading

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Be Lifted to New Heights of Accomplishment

Be lifted to new heights of accomplishment By simplifying and letting God do the amazing part. Write the script of life with a pencil. God has the eraser and given you the heart. Explore new opportunities. When the God of … Continue reading

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Spiritual Transformation

Start with a small change, Then add improvement little by little. Focus on changing just one thing at a time And then before long you will soar like an eagle. Be present and enjoy the activity, Not focusing so much … Continue reading

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The Secret

Society takes God out And there is no success. Uncover the secret. Prayer helps to reassess. Pray for wisdom. Put God into all you do. Carry out the vision And He will get you through. Dream big and carry out … Continue reading

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Putting God First

When we put God first Power is dispersed; To carry out work with reason And build in this season. To have the right concerns; Faith until He returns. Using gifts to help each other; Growing with one another. The way … Continue reading

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Stepping Stones

Solomon received a gift from above. What gift would you like to have a lot of? Perhaps it might be to build up others; And encourage your sisters and brothers. God made us by design And we are fed by … Continue reading

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Building Project

I have started a new study of 2 Chronicles in my devotional This Day with God. Solomon is planning a construction project – building of the Temple. The study has inspired this poem which I feel fits in with Labor … Continue reading

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The Answers as We Step Ahead

One of the main thoughts from Ecclesiastes 5 is that we need to listen to God throughout the day. He can say something to us through another person, a book, a movie, through art and music. Most of all, He … Continue reading

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God’s Way is the Best Way

For many years now, I’ve been studying the Bible and have found that the lessons learned in this book are applicable today just as much as they were when God became flesh as Jesus; teaching us how to live.    … Continue reading

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