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There is a purpose For everyone So seek excellence And have some fun. When planning your day, Expect good to happen As you pray daily And spiritually tap-in. New thoughts given, Ideas brought out And a pathway to dreams Without … Continue reading

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Treasure Beyond Measure

Living for His glory Is so very fulfilling Stimulating interest In what is thrilling. Where the path to insight Is there for many Leading to the way Of a life with plenty. Asking God for help, Dreaming each day Of … Continue reading

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Days Under the Sun

Write your life story which is amazingly fun and extremely adventurous of your days under the sun. Millions of people will read this wonderful book of your remarkable life journey and the steps you took. The reward you will receive … Continue reading

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Prayer Group

Believe the pathway set ahead Leads to what is good; A place lovely and true; Opposite of worldly falsehood. A pathway which is built On Biblical principles That provide stepping stones To a place of amazing miracles. Desire to be … Continue reading

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Slow Down and Smell the Roses

Everyone needs a break in life And within each is imagination The workshop of the mind Ready to energize a nation So start living in ways that lead To satisfaction and health Slow down and smell the roses For this … Continue reading

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Quiet Time

Feeling miserable, Desolate and worthless. There will be better days And God will bless. Get the move on; Doing what needs to be done; Accepting His ways; Being more like His Son. Passionate about growing spiritually, Committed and being inspired, … Continue reading

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Putting God First

When we put God first Power is dispersed; To carry out work with reason And build in this season. To have the right concerns; Faith until He returns. Using gifts to help each other; Growing with one another. The way … Continue reading

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Amazed and Inspired

Who is God? The One who is not flawed; Maker of the heaven and earth; The One with us from birth; The breath of all Creation; The same for every generation; The One who makes it thunder; Provides miracles and … Continue reading

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Applying Ecclesiastes

I’ve been reading and studying over the last few weeks in the Book of Ecclesiastes. I would like to sum up my study in the poem below. Enthusiasm is gained by working for a cause That brings to the world … Continue reading

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God’s Way is the Best Way

For many years now, I’ve been studying the Bible and have found that the lessons learned in this book are applicable today just as much as they were when God became flesh as Jesus; teaching us how to live.    … Continue reading

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