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Higher Power

The thing about sports Is that aims are defined Everyone on the team Has their goal aligned. In football, it’s Getting the ball Across the goal line Before one does fall. In sports and in life, There are keys to … Continue reading

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Giving it Your Best Shot

In sports, there are times; A point in the game When the team either Fails or meets their aim. In basketball, it’s When time is running out And the clutch player Can score without a doubt. All the team members … Continue reading

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The Champion

Sports is so popular Because given are examples Of a strong will to win And how challenges are handled. For it is in having a passion That we see the main source That leads champions With this amazing force. Great … Continue reading

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Your Great Purpose

Start fulfillng your purpose now; never ever looking back only wishing it had been done but realizing you got off track. Step ahead with a plan that meets people’s needs; that matches your values and does many good deeds. Have … Continue reading

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Seeing is Believing

There once was a golfer; could shoot way under parr but then he became sick; thought he’d never be star. He laid in his bed for weeks on end playing great golf but only pretend. Weeks went by; hitting the … Continue reading

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In sports and in life there are habits to begin and the first one to try is planning to win. Everyone who competes Has one common goal. In golf, it’s getting the ball in the hole. Image Source In football, … Continue reading

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My Part of the World

After over six decades of Baylor University playing their football games at Floyd Casey Stadium, the main part was imploded last Saturday morning. Here is a link to an article about the stadium. Also in recent news, Waco’s own reality … Continue reading

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My Part of the World

In local news this week in Waco Texas, workers have started the process of the refurbish of  Cottonland Castle. Also, leaders are pushing for a semi-pro baseball team to come to Waco. Another news article that caught my attention is … Continue reading

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Home Run

We have heard reports recently about performance enhancing drugs that many pro baseball players have been accused of taking. They didn’t need the drug to be great. God had given them the skills and all they really needed was faith. … Continue reading

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My Best Shot

Each day, we have been given a gift to use our time to glorify God. Whatever we do at work in our career, in our leisure on the golf course, or at home with our family; we should apply our … Continue reading

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