Praise for the Victory

Let Joy and Enthusiasm
Characterize our praise.
The Lord takes delight
And brings better days.

The humble follow
The will of the Lord.
They find a purpose
With a common cord.

God’s people fight His battles
And He provides victory.
God is on their side
And the rest is history.

He blesses with more victories
Than all the grains of sand on earth.
Little by little they are gained
Until they are of great worth.

Victories over things
That cause bad health;
Cause crime and poverty;
And little or no wealth.

But give praise
To God with assurance
And enthusiastically
Keep going with endurance.

His Holy Spirit
Leads in the right direction.
In time of need
He will provide protection.

We have enemies,
Voices and lies;
Like regret and defeat;
But He hears our cries.

We have a weapon;
As we fight for every good thing;
We are the child;
Of the ONE True King.

Give Praise to God
For what He has done;
And will do in life
Because of His Son.

Enthusiastically give praise;
It’s a new season;
Hope is alive;
His Son is the reason.

By Mark Shields – © 4-24-2014
Inspired by Psalm 149 and 150
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