Benefits of Discipline

 It takes skilled people;
 Not whippersnappers
 With disciplined skills
 To build sky scrapers.

 Every single day
 Giving it their best try
 As the structure
 Reaches way up high.

 Little things become big  
 And in the same way,
 Read the Word daily
 As you also pray.

 Building your life  
 With faith you acquire
 As the Good News 
 Elevates you higher.

 The skies the limit
 In what to expect
 With the Holy Spirit
 Your architect!
Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-04-2021
Inspired by  “Benefits of Discipline”
This Photo was taken in downtown Dallas while we waited to be seated   at my nieces wedding rehearsal dinner several years ago.  
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Next Leg of the Relay Team

 Our faith initiates
 Action toward
 With help from the Lord 
 There is peace in the Lord
 Knowing we belong
 On the relay team
 And nothing can go wrong
 Freed from what entangles
 To run with endurance
 Our leg of the race
 To make a difference
 Working to build  
 Our faith stronger 
 And stronger to run 
 Longer and longer
 To be recorded
 Generations to come
 Running the good race
 Until it is won
 Poem by Mark Shields – © 02-25-2021
 Inspired by
 “Next Leg of the Relay Team“
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Eternal Paradise

 Inch by inch everything
 Is a cinch because 
 Of confidence in God
 And what He does
 Trust in the plan
 Live out your passion
 Step ahead daily
 Expect good to happen
 Patiently fulfilling
 Your purpose on earth 
 Knowing that God 
 Has given new birth 
 Even if negatives 
 Bubble up in life
 Look forward to a place
 Where there is no strife
 Be optimistic
 Since Christ paid the price
 For you have a future
 In eternal paradise 

Poem by Mark Shields – © 02-18-2021

Inspired by “Eternal Paradise

Photo – The photo was taken while traveling up Mt. Haleakala on the Hawaiian island of Maui. It’s dormant now but when active, the lava-flow formed about 75 percent of the island. In fact, all the Hawaiian island were formed from volcanos. Today, these islands are a tropical paradise and the destination of millions who travel there on vacations each year.

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Journey of Faith

 Peace comes by acceptance
 Knowing that we belong 
 Because we have a faith 
 That makes us grow strong

 With faith we step ahead 
 And keep on going 
 Because when times are tough
 There is no slowing

 Step ahead on this walk 
 God will work it out 
 The details will come
 And remove all doubt

 As prove to our minds 
 What the eyes can’t see
 Faith will enter in
 To show what we can be

 We build momentum
 In what we’re becoming
 With faith in the promise
 Of what is forthcoming 

Poem by Mark Shields – © 02-11-2021

Inspired by “Journey of Faith

Photo – The picture was taken on a trip I took to Europe after graduating from college. The coliseum in Rome is thought by many to be a site of the martyrdom of large numbers of believers during the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire.

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Confident that Faith is Rewarded

 We face many trials 
 Much tribulation
 But there is a reward
 An eternal destination

 So keep running the race
 In God’s design
 Running to win
 Toward the finish line

 With Confidence 
 Use faith to withstand
 Working together 
 Giving each a hand

 Taking on the challenge
 But never bewildered
 Because each task done 
 Becomes a faith builder

 Staying focused 
 Not drifting away 
 But maintaining hope
 For each day 

Poem by Mark Shields – © 02-04-2021

Inspired by

Confident that Faith is Rewarded

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Growing Together in Faith

 The world has a way 
 Of making you feel 
 Not very good
 Like what’s the deal

 Not quite good enough
 Without any skill
 Causing stress head ache
 Needing some advil

 Destroys confidence
 With a mental drain
 Physical hardship
 Plenty of pain

 But faith in God’s Way 
 Brings competence
 Adds confidence 
 As a consequence

 So get nourishment
 For the inner soul
 Where the true King lives
 And makes you whole

Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-28-2021

Inspired by “This Day with God Devotional – Growing Together in Faith

Photo – The English take their gardens serious. This picture was taken at Hampton Court in England. We also need to take serious the inner garden of our soul. Taking care so that what is unseen is also beautiful and seen on the outside with acts of kindness. This picture is a garden at Hampton Court which is a royal palace near London.

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Answer to Questions

 The hate … mass shootings
 Suffering from disease
 Difficult days in the past 
 The future no breeze

For uncertainties
 Some have suggestions
 But Christ is the best
 Answer to our questions
 We think about things 
 Like why bad must happen
But get strapped in
For we have a captain

 We will make a climb
 Holding on to hope
 In order to endure
 And get up the slope

 Lord knows the plans
We can count on it 
 So be confident
 And never quit
 Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-21-2021
 Inspired by
 “This Day with God Devotional – Answer to Questions“
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Ticket to Paradise

 We face good times
 And some bad times 
 But there’s a way
 To make it all okay
 By receiving God’s love, 
 The love from above
 His amazing grace
 That we now embrace

 With confidence
 And as a consequence,
 There is potential

 A mighty power 
 For each hour
 That flows from up there
 That we all share

 So my friend … let’s pick it 
 For it’s the ticket
 To eternal life
 In paradise
 Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-14-2021
 Inspired by “This Day with God Devotional – Ticket to Paradise
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Refreshment and Energy

 Begin each day
 Asking what to do
 Accepting His love
 And starting anew

 For the race of life
 Like a long distance run
 Requires momentum
 For it to be done

 So use inspiration
 Learned from history 
 Of Christ’s sacrifice 
 To bring the victory

 Give Him the praise
 For what’s been done
 Spurred on knowing
 The battles’ been won

 Receive refreshment 
 All the day long
 With energy lasting
 To finish strong
 Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-07-2021
 Inspired by “This Day with God Devotional – Desolation to Restoration
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Desolation to Restoration

 Difficult days faced
 Going from desolation
 But things fall in place
 To restoration

 Because of the Savior
 I learn His ways
 To change behavior
 To give Him praise

 As I pray for help
 You will carry me
 To a place of joy
 And set me free

 In a sun-scorched land
 Needs are satisfied 
 Reservoirs of water
 Far and wide

 Like memories
 Of glorious scenery
 The power of grace
 Fuels my energy  
 Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-24-2020
 Inspired by “This Day with God Devotional – Desolation to Restoration“
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