Truth is Our Boarding Pass to Paradise

When sailing away 
On our voyage called life, 
Make sure to get on 
The ship that will arrive.

Where wrongs are made right
Confessing behavior;
Accepting the boarding pass
Given by the Savior.

To take the ship
That leads to the place
You want to go and
Into the Lord’s embrace.

The one with the Captain 
That can see up ahead
And gives the Truth 
In all that is said.

With no more chaos 
Or deceitfulness
But wholesomeness
And peacefulness.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-06-2021
Inspired by
“Truth is Our Boarding Pass to Paradise”
Photo – My wife and I went to the Titanic display at the Mayborn Museum located on the Baylor University Campus. We received this boarding pass to get into the display.
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Detailed Instructions

Like attention was given
To the Tent of Meeting,
Attend to what is important
With reason for proceeding.

With tremendous detail
And great teamwork
With each person
Remaining alert.

Focused on how to 
Use His power 
Rather than on the
Difficulty of this hour.

So more see the amazing
And never waiver
Because of the way
Provided by the Savior.
Following the plan
With purpose in every step
To get our journey's end
By receiving help.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-15-2021, Inspired by “Detailed Instructions”, Photo – The structure in the photo was built in the 1700s after the great fire of London is St Paul’s Cathedral where the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana took place. It shows the detailed work that went into construction during that time.

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Our Duty and Responsibility

It seems improbable
But not impossible
When we work together
To make it possible.

For the Lord is our strength
To fulfill our duty
And make it a thing 
Of tremendous beauty.

As we come daily
Into His presence 
At any time or any place 
Through prayer and patience.

With a tremendous 
Power to fulfill 
Duties as followers 
To meet His will. 

For through the Spirit,
We are His children
Using our gift for the 
Purpose of kingdom building.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-22-2021
Inspired by
“Our Duty and Responsibility
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Organized for Victory

Like a playbook for a football team or musical notes for a marching band, God’s Word helps us stay organized to win at life as we study together and as the Holy Spirit helps us apply what we are told to do.

Baylor vs Oklahoma
Is essential
Because together 
There is more potential.

Carrying out the plan
With cooperation
For the duration
Along with discipline.

Like sports teams 
Or marching bands,
They are organized
And each understands.

In football they know
What position they play
And they practice the plays
For many days.

In a marching band,
Everyone performs
All in a straight line
Or in various forms. 

They follow instructions 
Knowing their role 
And how to line up
To meet the goal.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-15-2021
Inspired by
“Organized for Victory

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Stepping Ahead to Hebrews

Be nourished by the gospel;
Applying what you learn
By following Jesus
At each and every turn.

Be an example to others
And develop strengths carefully
By determining your main purpose
That fulfills your destiny

Be an overcomer;
Endure difficulty 
By growing in positive qualities 
For eternal victory.

Be a person of the word 
Being grounded and steady
So in any circumstance
You are always ready.

Be boosted by the Holy Spirit;
A power that fills your cup 
To turn the world upside down 
Because your heart is right side up.

Be growing together in faith 
Because of what’s been done.
Refreshed and energized 
With momentum for what’s to come.

Be stepping ahead in faith
By removing any doubt.
Looking forward to tomorrow
Knowing God will work it out.

Be living the good life now;
Always purpose driven
With even better days ahead
Because of what’s been given.

Be at peace with one another;
Working in one accord
By meeting challenges to come
With focus on the reward!

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-08-2021
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Step Ahead to Easter

The winter no longer
Cold and blistery
As new growth of spring
Fills us with mystery.

The event of Easter  
took us from despair
To hope as the tomb
Was suddenly bare.

Reminding us now
Of God’s love
That fills us with joy
From up above.

Refueling the soul
And instructive
For the best way
To be productive.

To step ahead 
As we journal
Along the clear path
To life eternal. 

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-01-2021
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Sure Way

The builders of the Titanic were thought to have made a ship that could not sink but it did. A few years ago, my wife and I went to a Titanic display at the Mayborn Museum on the campus of Baylor University in Waco Texas. Our ticket to get in was this boarding pass.

 As you go on the  
 Voyage each day
 Make sure you get on
 The ship to the sure way.
 The way that’s proven
 With a Captain that’s led 
 And can see obstacles 
 Way up ahead.
 Someone that loves you
 As written at this link 
 For with the Lord 
 You will never sink. 
 But stay afloat 
 And never drown
 With knowledge gained
 In the spiritual realm.
 Going the sure way
 Will be very explicit
 For you will be the vessel 
 Containing the Spirit.
Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-25-2021
Inspired by “Sure Way  
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Unshakable Kingdom

The world wants to trust 
 The wisdom of science
 Yet wrong assertions 
 Cause no reliance.

 The world believes 
 Money will bless
 Yet it is limited
And causes stress.

 So reconcile to God
 Through Jesus Christ
 And live for the ONE
 Who died for our life!

 For the new kingdom 
 Cannot be shaken
 And those who accept Christ 
 Shall be awakened.

 A new creation;
 The past wiped clean
 With access through prayer
 To power unseen.

 Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-18-2021
 Inspired by
 “Unshakeable Kingdom
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One Common Thread Binds Us

 The Lord gives grace to all 
 That’s always flowing
 Like a rolling stream 
 That keeps on going.

 Motivating all,
 His treasure does increase
 To care for each other
 And live in peace.

 Affecting our thoughts
 About God’s wonders
 And towards others
 As sisters and brothers.

 Of His vast resource;
 The Holy Spirit
 A powerful force.

 That pushes us
 To live better
 With a common thread 
 That binds us together.

 Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-11-2021
 Inspired by
 “One Common Thread Binds Us”
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Benefits of Discipline

 It takes skilled people;
 Not whippersnappers
 With disciplined skills
 To build sky scrapers.

 Every single day
 Giving it their best try
 As the structure
 Reaches way up high.

 Little things become big  
 And in the same way,
 Read the Word daily
 As you also pray.

 Building your life  
 With faith you acquire
 As the Good News 
 Elevates you higher.

 The skies the limit
 In what to expect
 With the Holy Spirit
 Your architect!
Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-04-2021
Inspired by  “Benefits of Discipline”
This Photo was taken in downtown Dallas while we waited to be seated   at my nieces wedding rehearsal dinner several years ago.  
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