Shame to Fame

Lessons in determination can be gained from studying the life of people.

A lesson given
In determination
From a young lad
Seeking an education.

Born into wealth
His dad hits a tough spell
Losing everything
And life not so swell.

Could not attend
With lack of funds
And adversity.

Married at eighteen,
Child on the way;
A life of hard times
Was on full display.

Work in the theater
Became his aim
Determined to succeed
And gain great fame.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-18-2018

This is a photo of the Royal Shakespeare Theater dedicated to the English playwright and poet William Shakespeare. The photo was taken when I went on a travel/study trip to England with a college group in July of 1983. The life of Shakespeare is a lesson in determination as he went through some difficult times but went from shame to fame becoming England’s national poet known as Bard of Avon.

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No Pain – No Gain

Anything faced in life like meeting deadlines or making it through graduation requires the ability to remain optimistic during the difficult times. This photo was taken at my daughter’s high school graduation 5-20-2017.

There are pressures faced
And deadlines come about
But with good people
It all works out.

For major problems
To overcome,
There is inspiration
So raise your thumb.

They can be worked out
With God on your side,
Taking in life lessons,
And faith applied.

Be inspired from nature,
From mystery,
From inspiring music,
Or history.

For what once caused
Misery or pain
Can be turned around
To result in a gain.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-11-2018

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Bridge the Gap

Bridge the gap over the barriers and traps of life. Just like this photo of the Waco Suspension Bridge Waco Texas -built for commerce to cross over the Brazos River and used as a part of the Chisholm Trail

There are hardships,

It’s not easy
And there will be
Defeats along the way
But here is the key.

Maintain your hope;
Maintain your desire;
Maintain your faith
And maintain your fire.

These qualities
Keep you out of a trap;
Over the barrier
And bridge the gap.

So turn your dreams
Into reality
And set to achieve
All you are meant to be.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-03-2018

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Role Model

Confirmation 5-1-11

With good role models
Like parents, teachers,
Grandparents, preachers,
Or civic leaders.

The Individual
Increases their chance
To see, believe,
Achieve and advance.

They start to model
Positive behavior
And start to believe
Christ as their savior.

They pray and ask
To receive a purpose;
They imagine how
They could be of service.

They see in their mind
The roles they will play
To act out their part
Each and every day.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-27-2018

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Unlimited Learning

Use technology to make a positive impact on your life. Just a click away is unlimited learning available from any place or any time just by using your phone.

And teaching is advanced
When more of the person’s
Senses are enhanced.

Makes this happen
When the user is viewing
And is interacting.

Finding useful
And important
Or noteworthy content.

Both sides of the brain
Get interested
And the learning process
Becomes unlimited.

So the student
Increases their chance
To see, believe,
Achieve and advance.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-20-2018

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A baseball player
Prepares for the game
Dreaming about fame
And making a name.

Seeing the pitcher
Starting to rock back
To deliver the ball
So he could take a whack.

Focused on the ball
As vivid as could be
Seeing every detail
And feeling carefree.

A low inside fast ball
Almost in slow motion
The hitter is composed
But full of emotion.

Meeting the ball
With perfect timing
Seeing it uplifted
In the air like lightning.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-13-2018

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Seeing and Believing

Photo Credit :

Not feeling well
Bed ridden for a week,
A golfer was sick,
Barley able to speak.

So in his bed
He dreamed of playing,
Hitting the perfect shot
As he was laying.

For several weeks
He played in his mind
So he would stay on top
And not get behind.

Day after day he played
Round after round
Getting better each time
So perfection was found.

After several weeks
He got much better
Went to the golf course
Shot his best round ever.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-06-2018

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Your Desire Can Transpire

Create in your mind
Where you would like to go
What you would like to do
And this dream will grow.

Receive direction
From clear pictures you view
Planning out actions
For this dream to come true.

Mindful of each step,
Each stumbling block,
Each solution,
Each door to knock.

Sketched in your mind,
Firmed up like cement,
As your future turns
Into the present.

A natural result
When the dream does transpire
Because it has been
Your ultimate desire.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-30-2018
Photo – Sunset View in Honolulu

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The Way Today

Desire to be thought of
In a positive way
But most important
Follow the Way today.

Long for the hope
And the patience needed;
That love interceded.

Be driven by an
Uplifted life
To amazing heights
Where there is no strife.

So toward the end
You can rejoice
In being a helper
And hearing Jesus’ voice.

Well done my servant
For your faith has vaulted
You beyond any fears
Into glory undaunted.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-23-2018

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Purpose with Plans

Dream big always,
Think of ideas,
Take proper action,
Knowing what the key is.

A God given purpose
Without strife
Because He has the plans
For an amazing life.

His plans for you
Come with grand detail
Packed with wisdom
And always prevail.

Commit to the Lord
In whatever you do
And the dreams given
Are sure to come true.

Plan out the work
With practical plans
Taking action with faith
As His feet and hands.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-16-2018

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