Infinite Power

Get Free from things like fear,
weakness, and doubt.
The past may have been bad;
a nightmare bomb out.

The present may be dark
With hard times looming
but the future is bright;
everything booming.

Because of the reward
God has for all
Who believe in His Son
And stop the fall.

By accepting Christ,
things only get better.
Freed from restraint,
No longer a debtor.

The past washed away,
the future brighter
each and every day
with infinite power.

By Mark Shields – © 08-03-2017
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Every Starry Night

The world is difficult
But God is close by.
He is above it all
Just look to the sky.

The world is dangerous
But God is close by.
His angels come
Lifting me way up high.

My life I give
To the only one
Who makes the moon
Reflect the sun.

The angels sing
From the painted sky
Every Starry night
He’s got me in His eye.

Changed my life
Like autumn leaves.
Living with Christ
I ride the breeze.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-10-2017
Inspired by Sermon of Dr. Steve Wende
Painting “Starry Night” by Van Gogh
Image Source

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Faith in Jesus Christ
Sets all of us free
In order to be
All that we can be.

Faith in Jesus Christ
As in a rain shower,
Washes away the sin;
Gives a great power.

The Spirit indwells
With total abundance
Giving a sense
Of utter oneness.

Praying for each other
As two are better
Than one in all
Challenging endeavors.

At home or at work,
No job is boring
So on eagles’ wings
We keep on soaring.

By Mark Shields – © 08-03-2017
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Salvation Jubilation

For the law and promise
Is met in the person
Of Jesus Christ
Who took the burden!

Giving to all
With jubilation
The ultimate reward
Of salvation.

You were created
To have a friend;
A companion
Until the end.

A friend in Jesus
To help you grow
As each day brings
A new start even so.

Just let the past go
And have no doubt;
Enjoy each moment,
Trusting all will work out.

By Mark Shields – © 07-27-2017
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Unseen Power

Facing constant doubt
Or fear all the time
There is a power
To start a new climb.

The power connection
Of the Holy Spirit
Strengthened in faith
To be fearless.

Connected to the
Greatest power ever
To help with struggle
Of any endeavor.

Set your sights beyond
What you can see
Being determined
With an unseen power

A power not confined
Or ever subdued
And telling you
The right things to do.

By Mark Shields – © 07-20-2017
Image Source

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Unlimited Power

Received is God’s power
Because of what was done
By Christ on the Cross
So let us work as one.

As one doing something
Using prayer as power;
Taking action daily
With power every hour.

With God, everything
Can be achieved
If you perceive
And start to believe.

God blesses those who
Seek His instruction
And follow through
With production.

This day with God,
Know what is required
And think about ways
To act when inspired.

By Mark Shields – © 07-13-2017
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True Vine

For difficulties
We may face daily,
Being connected
Helps greatly.

Connection to the Vine
Gives sustaining trust;
A difference between
A good day or bust.

Jesus Christ is our
Connection that will aide
In living out our faith
So the problems fade.

The link is constant
So that each day we wake
We can still believe
And know what it will take.

We can still believe
Because on His team
We can move mountains
And maintain the dream.

By Mark Shields – © 07-06-2017
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God gives unique
Parts of ministry
Through diverse people
Which forms a chemistry;
Blending each talent
To help rise above
Current challenges
And hardships thereof
With one sharpened mind.
Making the right choice
To fill His purpose
With one fervent voice.
Helping those in need
And pulling together
With various ideas
To be the bellwether
That is always ready
To love what God loves
And to tell what He
Has done already.

By Mark Shields – © 06-29-2017
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Make Every Day Count

Make every day count
By being Jesus centered
For you are the light
And been well mentored.

Make every day count
By proclaiming
God’s eternal truth
Forever unchanging.

Make every day count
By being humble
Before God and others
So to never stumble.

Make every day count
By reading the Bible,
Growing in faith,
And making disciples.

Make every day count
Christ we are following
Loving each other
Praying, encouraging.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 06-22-2017
Image Source
Inspired from Sermon – Make Every Day Count

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Purpose for this Moment

God has a purpose
In those He has chosen
And warmed the heart
So the soul is not frozen.

Receiving instructions
Toward the Way,
Equipped to lead others
And be a mainstay.

In all circumstances,
God has placed you
Where you currently are
To be the glue.

Holding together
A society in need
And giving Him glory
By planting more seeds.

Putting things in order;
Getting things done;
Given a great purpose;
Instructed by the ONE.

By Mark Shields – © 06-15-2017
Image Source

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