Make Every Day Count

Make every day count
By being Jesus centered
For you are the light
And been well mentored.

Make every day count
By proclaiming
God’s eternal truth
Forever unchanging.

Make every day count
By being humble
Before God and others
So to never stumble.

Make every day count
By reading the Bible,
Growing in faith,
And making disciples.

Make every day count
Christ we are following
Loving each other
Praying, encouraging.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 06-22-2017
Image Source
Inspired from Sermon – Make Every Day Count

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Purpose for this Moment

God has a purpose
In those He has chosen
And warmed the heart
So the soul is not frozen.

Receiving instructions
Toward the Way,
Equipped to lead others
And be a mainstay.

In all circumstances,
God has placed you
Where you currently are
To be the glue.

Holding together
A society in need
And giving Him glory
By planting more seeds.

Putting things in order;
Getting things done;
Given a great purpose;
Instructed by the ONE.

By Mark Shields – © 06-15-2017
Image Source

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Walking on Water

Because of God’s grace
Through Jesus our Lord,
We have confidence
In this one accord.

Solid foundation
Upon which the Gospel
Has been founded
With Christ our model.

Our eternal future
Brings ultimate peace.
Every doubt or fear
Seems to always cease.

An abiding trust
Replaces our fear
As a sustaining
Faith is made more clear.

Faith gained this good day
Being Spirit led
Meeting new challenges
As we step ahead.

By Mark Shields – © 06-08-2017
Image Source

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The Best Way

Even if feeling lost,
Keep holding on
For hope is in front,
Yesterday is gone.

Even during pain,
To Him always cleave.
Trust it will be brief
Expecting relieve.

Even if constrained,
Feeling at a loss,
Be inspired by Jesus
What was done on the Cross.

Examine your hopes
And all of your thoughts.
God can take them all
Lead you to better spots.

Along this journey
To a brighter day
Where there is hope
In going His Way.

By Mark Shields – © 06-01-2017
Image Source

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Fighting For You

Deadline approaching;
Project coming due;
No need to panic;
God can get you through.

All it ever takes
Is full allegiance
To His flawless way
And Omnipresence.

Giving victories!
More than all the grains
Of sand on the earth
For it is God who reigns.

The Lord fights for you;
He will help ensure
A brighter future ahead
That’s always secure.

He prepares a path
Without obstructions
So just step ahead
With His instructions.

By Mark Shields – © 05-25-2017
Image Source


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Keep a wide vision,
Applaud differences;
The various strengths
And weaknesses.

Understand others actions
Even if you feel
A little upset;
Say it’s no big deal.

For the real big deal
Is receiving God’s grace
And working together
To finish this race.

Keep an open mind
And get all the facts
So to never
Ever overreact.

People are made
To give God glory
So get the full picture;
The whole story.

By Mark Shields – © 05-18-2017
Image Source

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Excellent Instructions

Being complacent
Never helps to make
This world a better place
For goodness sake.

Stand for excellence
And what is righteous
Instead of being silent
To end a crisis.

Follow the instructions
Found in God’s Word
And He will be true
With power transferred.

He will be faithful
To fulfill His promises
And make many fools
Out of doubting Thomases.

Bringing peaceful rest
For all with liberty
And the outcome
Always victory.

By Mark Shields – © 05-11-2017
Image Source

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Run to the ONE

Receiving the gift
Obtained through His Son;
In all occasions
I run to the ONE.

Taking just one step,
One step at a time;
Higher and higher
I persist on the climb.

The Holy Spirit
Promised to me;
Joyfully received
And setting me free.

Your Spirit given
Is a great reward;
Flowing inside me
Proceeding outward.

Thank You for the helper
From up above.
May my life be proof
Of Your boundless love.

By Mark Shields – © 05-04-2017
Image Source

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Patiently Waiting

Every obstacle
will be overcome
by fervently
following the ONE.

Maintaining great faith
That each charge is won
by doing God’s will
until it is done.

Clinging to His Word
and taking action
upon each duty
until completion.

Rejoicing in progress
throughout the day
and keeping on the path
of the perfect Way.

Patiently waiting
For our noble Lord
and receiving the
ultimate reward.

By Mark Shields – © 04-27-2017
Image Source

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Living with Purpose

Purpose in your life
is a major key
in fulfilling dreams
and being all you can be.

So know your skills
and go after first
the task in which
you are well versed.

An amazing future
will be available
because of who you are;
a person very valuable.

A child of God
called concurring
to His purpose
and His spurring.

The target is His will
so evaluate
and stay on the path
as you navigate.

By Mark Shields – © 04-20-2017
Image Source

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