Special Days

Before Christ, offerings
Involved preparation
But now, there is
No hesitation.

By accepting Christ,
There is rest
And each day is special 
So offer God your best.

Live with devotion, 
Spur each other on, 
And get in motion.

Have genuine 
Concern for each other,
Marvel at things nearby,
And things to discover.

Make everything count,
Worship with songs of praise, 
And find excitement
In all your days. 

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-14-2021
Inspired by
“Special Days”
Photo – Taken on a special sunny day when we went downtown for an afternoon in my hometown of Waco Texas.  Many times we think the exciting things in life are far away but excitement might be right in your back yard. A sunset, a sunrise, wildlife, or birds in the sky. 

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The Next Generation

Moses began
To hand off leadership
To Joshua
Whom he would equip.

So should we in time
For our relations
Hand off what we know
To the generations.

Learning from others 
And their experience 
Helps all in life 
Much like college. 

But doesn’t compare 
To when you hear it
And receive the help 
From the Holy Spirit.

If feeling stuck,
God gives traction
So you can get to your 

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-07-2021
Inspired by
“The Next Generation”
Photo – Taken December 2019 of my dad on the far left along with his grandchildren and great grandchildren. The greatest resources one can hand off to future generations is our values.

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Mining for Valuable Resources

Fulfilling promises
Of long-range aims,
God works in the background 
And always reigns.

So put your thoughts 
Upon the Word 
And follow the prompting
The Spirit has stirred.

To be led to a place
Where things do flourish 
Because His Word
Gets inside to nourish.

Deep inside the soul
To take away stress
With advice and bring
So much zest.

More than a treasure
Of silver and gold,
His Word provides
Riches untold.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-30-2021
Inspired by
“Mining for Valuable Resources”
Photo – Taken in Virginia City Nevada. It’s an old mining town depicted on the TV show “Bonanza” which lasted 14 years from 1959 through 1973.

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Keeping Our Eyes on the ONE Who Brings the Son Shine

Lack of focus 
Always has a way 
Of causing havoc
Which is not okay. 

But today is a new day
As we focus on the ONE
Who changed everything;
Jesus Christ the Son!

God in the flesh
From up high to come here
That changed our winter
To the summer.

Each wonderful day 
Can be that way in life
Going from bad to good
With a lot less strife.

If we keep our eyes 
On the ONE who brings 
All we need to fly high
As on eagle’s wings.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-23-2021
Inspired by
“Keeping Our Eyes on the ONE Who Brings the Son Shine”
Photo – In just a few hours, the weather in Texas can change very quickly as the photos prove. The first photo was taken in the morning and the second photo was taken just hours later in the afternoon. Like the weather in Texas, God can change everything faster than we could ever imagine. 

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Flourish in Blessings

We live in an 
Amazing world today
With technology;
We’ve come a long way.

But it doesn’t work
Reliable as such;
Since at times it works fine
Then not so much.

But with the Lord there is
And stability.

As we read the Word
And plant in our mind
The seeds of faith
That we joyfully find.

And in time these seeds
Receive what does nourish
To grow a garden
That begins to flourish.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-16-2021
Inspired by
“Flourish in Blessings”
Photo - The English take their gardens serious. This picture was taken at Hampton Court in England while on a study/travel tour taken with a college group in 1983. We also need to take serious the inner garden of our soul. Taking care so that what is unseen is also beautiful and a blessing that builds momentum for our journey through life. This picture is a garden at Hampton Court which is a royal palace near London.
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The Future is in His Hands

Making a difference
Stirring up the Truth’s

Set apart from the norm
There is affirmation
With tremendous faith
And determination.

Removing obstacles
With super strength
Facing them one by one
With God at arm’s length.

Patiently waiting
Knowing He is here
For He’s got my back
And there’s no fear.

With His mystery,
Worked out are the plans
For the future 
Is in His hands.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-09-2021
Inspired by
“The Future is in His Hands

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Building Integrity

Doesn’t blow in the wind 
And vary to best meet 
What’s in our own mind!

Is there as a benchmark, 
Setting us free
To now embark.

Reading the Word builds up
For an abundant life
With regularity.

So we set out
Knowing what we can do
In living a life
Of great value.

By making sure
Our life services
Uses spiritual gifts 
For God’s purposes.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-02-2021
Inspired by
“Building Integrity
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The Outcome of Faith

Bitten by sin
By the snake that slivered
But thanks to the Lord
We’ve been delivered.

Away from the enemy,
He gives victory
By accepting the Lord
There’s liberty. 

Following the plan
And making a stand 
Against the venomous 
Snakes of the land.

Wisdom from the word 
To the mind and heart
Then into the soul
Which sets us apart.

Conquering anything
Or any one
To be all we can
And get things done.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-26-2021
Inspired by
“The Outcome of Faith”
Photo – Taken in San Antonio when family went to the Sadie Robertson “Live Original Tour”. The photo is of the band “Love and the Outcome” who are the artist for the praise song "He Is With Us".
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Refreshment for the Body and Soul

In life, there’s always a new challenge so instead of taking the credit for great accomplishments, give credit to God. Take inspiration from the song I Surrender All by Oslo Gospel Choir and surrender all so that God is in control. Then life is lived with staying power and meaning.

Overcome obstacles 
And meet any goal 
By letting God 
Take total control.

Instead of turning 
To your own abilities, 
Turn to the ONE 
With possibilities. 

Turn to the Lord
To get you out 
And honor Him
By giving Him a shout.

By praising with song
And surrendering all
To overcome
Any bad fall.

The grace given
Provides a clean slate
With peace forever
And a power so great.  

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-19-2021
Inspired by
“Refreshment for the Body and Soul”
Photo – This is a photo of the Royal Shakespeare Theater dedicated to the English playwright and poet William Shakespeare. The photo was taken when I went on a travel/study trip to England with a college group in July of 1983.  The life of Shakespeare is a lesson in determination as he went through some difficult times but went from shame to fame becoming England’s national poet known as Bard of Avon.

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Along the Way with Power to Fulfill Your Purpose

Your future will be 
Better than the past
Praying each day 
And set free at last.
With baptism,
There is no delay
In being united 
Into the Way.

Where efficiency
Is on display
As you follow  
This certain Way.

Then day by day, 
You will lean on grace 
To make course corrections 
To this wonderful place.

Along the way
With new purpose
Where true power 
Begins to surface.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-12-2021
Inspired by
“Along the Way with Power to Fulfill our Purpose

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