The ONE to Look To

The world can be a difficult place
But we all can win the race
If we turn to the Lord
And get on board.

Acknowledge He paid the price;
Then pray for His solid advice;
Accumulate knowledge from His Word
And the future will no longer be blurred.

The path to the future is unimpeded
If we confidently do what is needed;
Constantly being filled with elation
And built on a firm foundation.

Study the Holy Scripture
And get a clearer picture
By always being steadfast
To learning lessons of the past.

Because of Jesus there is grace
To help us keep up the pace.
Our sins are cleaned as with soap
So our future is full of hope.

Gaining wisdom on a daily basis
To meet the challenges that face us.
Living the way life is meant
By following the ONE God has sent.

Our growing faith will never be taken away
So we are confident things will be okay
For the Gospel message is beautiful,
Refreshing, simple, and useful.

The Gospel message sets us free
And as each day we get on our knees
We are thankful to receive the crown
For the message will never let us down.

The plan God has laid out for us
By accepting His Son is thus
The only path to sure victory;
Everything else is contradictory.

So listen and know His plan;
Making adjustments if you can.
Taking action on doing the right thing;
Knowing that He is King.

With God there is power
And no reason to cower
So plan out the right things
And soar on eagles’ wings.

Everything will fall in place
For an amazing day full of His grace
If we desire to daily return to the ONE
And focus on what He’s already done.

The ONE who formed the mountains;
Creator of the inspiring surroundings
Continues to reveal His designs
And how to live by His guidelines.

So make sure you feel empowered;
Uplifted and daily inspired.
Focused on going the Way
That He directs to go today.

Embrace the power of the Holy Spirit
To take on a challenge and smear it.
Making what seems impossible … possible
By being dependable and methodical.

Be willing to accept His correction
By asking in prayer for direction
And when making a list of what to do,
Know the Lord is the ONE to look to.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-29-2016
Image Source

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A good football team
studies the competition
by looking at game film
of the opponents mission.
Looking for their tendencies
and we too face competition
which is anything that holds
us back from our own mission.
Things like fear, despair, and hate.
So, study the film called life
to come up with your great plans
for your tomorrows as you strife.
Think with skillful accuracy
and make the needed adjustment
to be in a position for success
using your remarkable judgment.
Develop that untapped potential;
the amazing abundance of talents.
The abilities you have never ever used
by approaching each day with valiance
Each day provides another occasion
to try something never ever tried before
as you appreciate the lessons of the past
looking for opportunities to open a new door.
You can relate the normally unrelated
and see usual things in unusual ways.
You have a passion for new discoveries
As you set out in all your future days.

Image Source
Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-22-2016

This week, take a look at the Purpose Tool Template spreadsheet at this Link. Click on the Priorities tab at the bottom and fill out at your own pace throughout the week. Also, feel free to download the template to your own computer and modify for your own personal use.

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We all have the ability
to think and recall
to reason and visualize;
to have the wherewithal.

So choose to create
and imagine it all.
Putting thought
Into the long haul.

It may take some time
for thinking is hard
and that is why few
hold it in high regard.

But each and every day
is a major struggle
between our thoughts
and all we need to juggle.

We have to work
at thinking to thrive
by training our minds
to be alert and alive.

Regularly producing new
discoveries and conclusions.
analyzing hypotheses,
removing delusions.

Taking in fresh amounts
of information each day,
seeing old things
in a brand new way.

Image Source
Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-08-2016

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With all Your Might Do What is Right

Run the race with the
finish always in mind
and knowing where you are going
because His Way is aligned.

Use the Word of God
to get out of any trap
by using the instructions
as the perfect road map.

Consider the mission
in all your ways
by following biblical principles
for all of your days.

Turn to Him with all heart,
soul, and amazing strength
reaching out your hand
for His is at arm’s length.



Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-10-2016
Image Source
Inspired from the Sermon – How You Live Is What You Leave

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Cultivated Talents

Talents are like seeds
not yet germinated.
Needing assistance
as they are cultivated.

A seed requires light,
heat, and nutrients to grow;
talents require action,
dedication, and gusto.

Image Source

Provided is abundance
in an universe of galaxies.
Each with billions of stars;
it seems without boundaries.

Image Source

Although there is abundance
in the world in which we exist,
we must see plenty in ourselves
and be willing to persist.

There is untapped potential
in each and every one
and using your talents to the max
will benefit the world a ton.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-01-2016

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Strength in Prayer

The first component
of meeting a need
is going to God
who helps to proceed.

The Bible tells us
that we can always
have confidence
in our future days.

Ask for anything
according to his will
and believe He provides
the necessary skill.

Ask and it will be given;
seek and you will find;
continue to go forward
having peace of mind.

A walk with God
provides abundant joys,
gives power in life
and eternal poise.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-25-2016
Image Source

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Devotion Puts Excellence in Motion

Mark-Weinberger-Power-Of-Purpose-Article_Hero_770x433 (1)Continue to go forward
and always have devotion
to the Lord’s steady Way
that puts excellence in motion.

If life gets discouraging,
keep looking forward
and receive inspiration
daily from His Word.

Make a big impression
by doing what one should
and taking the right actions
toward all that is good.

Make a positive impact;
give a lift to society;
meet many basic needs;
help to remove anxiety.

Share about the Lord’s Way;
That gives one the ultimate need.
For His Word offers great lessons
in how best one should proceed.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-18-2016
Image Source

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List of Dreams

For the great mission ahead
definitely will be distinct.
Be inspired by the high jumper
who did not begin at seven feet
but starting at a much lower
height … maybe four feet
and worked their way up
to be an Olympic athlete.
A good first step it seems
would be to fill out a list of dreams;
a spreadsheet at this link;
to get one in sync.
For you deserve the best
so look forward to the reward
by deciding what to do next
with your life going forward.
Along with the Spirit’s prompting
and spending time in reflection,
be confident in your qualifications
and head in the right direction.
Many may have potential
but greatness began
when rising up to be more
by taking in God’s plan.

Here is the Link to a worksheet called List of Dreams. You are welcome to save this blank copy of this excel document to your own computer. Plan for what you can become to glorify our Lord.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-11-2016
Image Source

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We live in great abundance with
opportunities for those even with few
which the dreamers of the past
thought about but never ever knew.

God’s resources are plentiful
but His people question
so rather than being productive
there is always this hesitation.

But as told in the Bible,
there always is an upside
to the difficulties we face
and He always does provide

God has given so much;
a massive universe that’s growing
at a rate of 45 miles per second
that cheers for all to get going.

Inspiring with thoughts
about ways to get in tune
just like the amazing mission
of walking on the moon.

Of thinking about a wonderful future
when to Him people are praising;
making the impossible possible;
part of something amazing.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-04-2016
Image Source

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Future is Bright

The future is bright
because of the sacrifice
and receiving eternal life
by accepting Christ.

The future is bright
because you are prepared
by accepting God’s Plan
and what you’ve declared.

The future is bright
because of what has begun
which is only the beginning
of what is to come.

The future is bright;
No need to fret
or be extremely upset
over what you don’t get.

The future is bright
because to God you pray
and as long as God is first,
second is okay.

The future is bright
because of God’s grace
and gaining the strength
to finish the race.

The future is bright
because you go onward
getting closer and closer
to the ultimate reward.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 07-28-2016
Image Source

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