The Roadmap to Victory

Make the poem below your own today and every day forward my friend!

I look back at history,
See people winning,
See people loosing,
And then I start grinning.

For there is a common
And that is God providing
A deliverer.

Someone to lead
With resolution
By providing 
A solution.

Someone to lead
With great wisdom
To a place of peace
And the way to freedom.

A deliverer
Bringing favor
To me forever 
In Christ my Savior!

Poem by Mark Shields – © 02-02-2023

Photo Source – Bing Images

We have a permanent deliverer or judge in Jesus Christ who has delivered us. Here is a link to God’s Plan for Us that is the roadmap to victory.

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The Way I’m Guided

Thankful for the path provided
That leads the way;
The way I’m guided
Each and every day.

Thankful for the path provided
And the Spirit of power;
The way I’m guided
Through each and every hour.

Thankful for the path provided
By the leading Light;
The way I’m guided
Through each dark night.

Thankful for the path provided
By the instruction guide;
The way I’m guided
When the Word is applied. 

Thankful for the path provided
By King Jesus;
The way I’m guided
By Emmanuel God with us.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-26-2023
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Line Up with the Plan

Leave nothing unfinished
And do things haphazard
But always be reaching
For the high standard.

If something’s not right, 
You have to admit it,
Start all over,
Set out to fix it.

There is no compromise
With the enemy
For He sets traps
And has no empathy.

So have a life plan
That lines up with God’s plan
So things fit together
As you do what you can.

The plan begins with grace,
And offered with love
With the Spirit to guide
And power from above.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-19-2023
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Today’s Exciting Gift

The disciples did
What Jesus said to do.
I should do it too
And so should you.

So let us start a spark
In sisters and brothers
To share the Good News
And prepare others.

So they are excited
Opening the gift
Towards a new life
And a huge lift.

To set out each day 
To tell many
This opportunity
To beat the enemy.

Stepping ahead
Making history
Following Jesus
To gain the victory.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-12-2023

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Step Ahead with Optimism and Courage

I’ll follow the Way
And keep the faith
As I follow Jesus 
And escape the scathe.

If trouble comes my way,
I’ll maintain hope
And pray to God
To stay in scope.

I’ll keep going even
If I consider
It’s all over
Because God is bigger.

For the God of possible
Will take away the fear
So the problems
Will disappear.

And the grace of God
That comes at great length
Will power me ahead
With tremendous strength.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-05-2023
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Sunset on the Year

With a hope … a wish,
The year begins to sunset
So aspire to go further
To places not dreamed of yet.

All that is required 
Is a mission
A clear vision 
With ambition.

For you have unique
Talents … abilities
Out … and … out potential 
With possibilities.

So take in knowledge
About whatever
Be it art or science
And put it together.

With new thoughts that fill
Your mind even more
And new discoveries
Never dreamed of before.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-29-2022
Photo – Sunset over Lake Waco
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The Best Gift

Searching for a gift
But little time to go
For the stress is high
And I just don’t know.

Most gifts are short term
But one is forever
And meaningful
For any endeavor.

The gift of a Savior
Born in this season
Is the true reason
My stress is easing.

Because of this babe  
Born in a manger 
To be my Savior
And a real game changer.

With joy in my heart,
There is peace with my fate
Because of Jesus
I’ll enter heaven’s gate.

Poem Mark Shields – © 12-22-2022

I’m thankful that Jesus is the best gift ever. Here is a link to God’s plan for us to explain more. By accepting Christ as Savior, we have a gift that keeps on giving and makes each day amazing!

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The Star

Just like the wise men 
Looking for Jesus again,
Gaze for a star today
To lead the way.

Search with persistence
Even under resistance
For the star is a friend
Or new song to send.

A Bible verse
Ready to disperse
Or sharing what we got
From a sermon thought.

The star may not be seen
But there is good we glean
From each other
To help us go further.

To be led to Jesus,
The ONE born for us
An enormous plus
For God is among us.

Poem By Mark Shields – © 12-15-2022
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Light Shines Brightest in the Dark

Dark times are faced
Like the death on the cross
When it was thought
All was a loss.

Dark times are faced
Like loss of a loved one, 
Health or money issues 
That make us feel done. 

But light shines bright in dark
Like the temple curtain torn
And supernatural events
So we can be reborn.

Light shines bright in dark
To bring help this hour
Lifted to new heights
With this great power.

Light shines bright in dark
Bringing amazing grace
To help us keep pace
And win this race.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-08-2022
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Awesome Wonder

Insults and mocking
But purpose fulfilled
Upon the cross
When Jesus was killed

So if facing hard times
Don’t get downcast
But keep the faith
And forget the past.

Be inspired by Jesus
Withstanding misery
To provide all
The final victory. 

He reigns forever,
His power is endless
And the Holy Spirit
Lives within us.

In awesome wonder,
You receive the Spirit
With a bright future
And no one can stop it.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-01-2022

Photo – After college, I traveled for three weeks in Europe with a high school buddy and took this photo of the Swiss Alps.

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