A Trace of Faith

A walk near home
As I awake
Early in the morning
With photos to take.

Helping my heart,
Improving prayer time,
Growing my faith
With this paradigm.

Just one idea
Can set you free 
Like a small seed
That grows into a tree.

It enters the mind
It grows in your heart
To clear out negatives
And give you a great start.

One tiny spark
Becomes a raging fire
As a trace of faith
Begins to Inspire.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 06-23-2022 

Photo - How can we get exercise and at the same time collect our thoughts or grow our faith? One idea I had recently was to take walks near my home. The photo was taken on one of those early morning walks as the sun rises.
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Count on the Word

Explore the Word
For silver and gold
And listen to others
For what they’ve told.

Learn from the past,
Walk in the present,
Be led to a future
That makes you content.

Be assured that rough roads
Will become smooth
As you walk the path
Built on the Truth.

Good News for me,
Good News for you,
Promises from old
Are fulfilled in the new.

That puts back together
A world that is broken
With people of faith
That are awoken.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 06-16-2022 

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Bridge to Eternity

bridge the gap over the barriers and traps of life. Just like this photo of the Waco Suspension Bridge Waco Texas -built for commerce to cross over the Brazos River and used as a part of the Chisholm Trail
It may take time
But if there is a plan,
There is a better shot
At being all we can.

It may take effort
But because of grace,
Things will fall into place
And we will win the race.

For God’s plan is perfect
And blessings will be vast
For He knows the present,
He knows the past.

We have a bridge 
To eternity
That was built 
With certainty.

Assured of victory 
And never a loss
Because of the blood
Shed upon the cross.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 06-09-2022 
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Simply Believe

Simple ideas
Can ultimately yield
To discoveries
Never before revealed.

So let the simple truths
Be what are great
Because they make things clear
Rather than complicate.

Spiritual assets
Are of more value
Because they forever
Are useful to you. 

So put time into
What is glorious
By building faith
To be victorious.

Gaining experience
From lessons noted
And stepping ahead
Always devoted.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 06-02-2022

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Believe and Receive

There is greater
When more see
The mission we see.

For there is power
When Jesus is in control
And as we share the bounty
Of food for the soul.

To have compassion
For all in need
And then to believe 
All can succeed.

Receiving forever  
This never ending supply
Available for all
From way up high.

So share your faith
And more will be spurred
To receive the power
Of God’s Holy Word.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-26-2022

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Fulfilling Our Purpose Out of Love

Making a difference
Not with a procedure
But being who He is;
Jesus the Healer.

Follow this example 
And raise the bar
By caring for others;
Just being who you are!

Loving your neighbor
Since Jesus first loved you,
Gives hope for the future
And much joy too!

Touching many
In a positive way
By taking an interest
In what they say.  

Benefitting people 
At far reaching lengths
Just being yourself
And using your strengths.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-19-2022

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Dilute What Pollutes

Get a good start
And fill up your heart
With many good thoughts
To connect all the dots.

Of faith, hope, and love
From up above
And begin to dilute
Whatever pollutes.

Completely clean
With the unseen
So put in your notes
These antidotes.

Like a white dove
From up above
Spread the therapy
And give to charity.

To effectively
And collectively
Make the future bright
By reflecting His light.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-05-2022

Photo – The kids next door in my neighborhood were doing their schoolwork from home during the Coronavirus outbreak. They created what you see in the photo. Faith, hope, and love are the unseen antidotes we have in life as a therapy against the unseen disease of sin. 

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Things Fall in Place Because of Grace

Irritated by others
Going the wrong way
When sometimes we
Are the ones that stray.

Going in circles
Throughout each day
Following man made rules
Rather than God’s Way.

Which is found in scripture
And what we should embrace
As we accept the Way
Of being freed by grace.

Then things fall into place
And time is never a waste
As we have great success
Over challenges faced.

Reflecting on God’s Truth,
Following the plan,
And sharing with others
About the Son of Man

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-05-2022

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Destiny Energy

Jesus walked on water
And calmed the storm
Building our faith
To better perform.

To assist us all
In taking the first step;
The first step of faith
Which is more than just help.

But greater strength
Because He shows up
In the storms of life
To help us hold up.

He gets in the boat,
Makes the storm subside
As everything changes
When our faith is applied.

The future becomes calm
And we have the energy
To push on towards
Our destiny.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-28-2022

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United for the Impossible

The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. – Proverbs 22:9
Extra power
For every hour.
Doing what we should;
Whatever is good.

Feeding all people
Under the steeple;
Organized in groups
Like a crowd of troops.

More than enough,
All this foodstuff,
Making possible,
The impossible!

So never fret,
Needs will be met
For there’s no wobble
Following the Model.

Working together,
It’s light as a feather
For all of our trials
Will turn into smiles🙂

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-14-2022

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