Admit It to Fix It

A point of total
Moral decay
Requires a return
To the Lord’s Way.

Admitting corruption
In order to fix it
With integrity
From Holy Spirit.

Going to the Lord
To become strong,
And to know right
From what’s wrong.
On the wooden cross
The price was paid,
And we take steps needed,
As adjustments are made.

For grace keeps flowing
To clear negativity
Like an ever-flowing stream
Towards our liberty.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 06-01-2023
Photo - Garvan Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs Arkansas
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Withstand the Test of Time

Made of black granite,
A solid material,
Is the Vietnam
Wall Memorial.

Reliable like God’s
Lasting principles
Through the test of time
And invincible.

To honor those who gave
The ultimate sacrifice
Much like our Christ
Dying for our life.

For we have a solid
Foundation to stand
As one nation
Under God’s command.

Who leads us through
Difficult trials
So we can step ahead
For miles and miles.

Rather than weighed down,
We are freed by love.
Not by misguided dictates
But love from above.

Gaining freedom
In obeying God’s Way
Depending on Him
Each and every day.

Thankful for our Lord’s
Great supervision,
We pray for what’s best
In every decision.

For He understands
Our daily need
So we let Him lead
As we proceed.

Along the path
We’ll make history
With confidence
To final victory.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-27-2023
Photo Source - "Bing." Microsoft. N.p., n.d. Web. Images >.
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Spirit Aflame

The nation of Israel was in a time of decline as recorded in Judges 19. They had reached a point of total moral decay. Removing Godly principles from a society has disastrous effects so the poem below is to inspire a shift of this attitude within our society.

Correction needed 
To the horrible wrongs
Within society
The enemy prolongs.

For the enemy removes 
Godly moralities
That are disastrous
On localities.

So Spirit aflame
Encircle my heart
And this day with God
Help me get a great start.

Wake me up from 
So I speak my mind
And make a difference.

At purging this moral
And make a stand
Without hesitation.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-25-2023
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Step Ahead To The Reward

When my daughter was at college in Abilene Texas, we had several occasions to visit on weekends for activities. On one occasion, we had some extra time, so we went to visit Fort Phantom Hill which is about 15 miles north of the city. The fort was built to protect the westward-moving frontier of Texas in the 1850s until it was abandoned by the army. Shortly after it was abandoned, a fire destroyed most of the log walls and thatched roofs of the fort but still standing to this day are the stone fire places and the stone jail house. Stone will last a lifetime and beyond so if we build our life path on the stones of God’s solid principles, they will last a lifetime and beyond too.

Stone last a lifetime
And even beyond
Like the Word of God
Of which we’ve grown fond.

So we build our life
On the materials
Of Jesus’ teachings
And principles.

We pray faithfully
And do what He instructs
To overcome evil
That always obstructs.

So what weighs us down
Is light as a feather
As we win our battles
In life together.

With plans and actions
Leading to the reward
As we step ahead
Alongside our Lord!

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-18-2023
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Led By Love From Above

Photo Credit :
Bad leadership
Leads to decline
But love from above
Makes everything fine.

So stay on track
Stepping ahead
And sharing the Word
So it will spread.

Working together
For the good of all
Following the mission
And fulfilling a call.

Focusing on faith,
Devoted to the Way,
And disciplined in prayer
For directions each day.

With Holy Spirit,
Released is the power
To reach new heights
Each and every hour.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-11-2023
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Fulfill A Mission

Samson used the occasion in Judges 16 to fulfill his mission in life. He prayed that God would use his strength for one more great purpose as he pushed down the two pillars that supported the temple. The temple came crashing down sacrificing his own life to destroy his enemies.

To fulfill a mission, 
It takes ambition
By praying each day
In knowing the Way

Listening for directions,
And making corrections
As the Lord leads
In doing good deeds.

It takes understanding
In being outstanding
With total focus
To fulfill God’s purpose.

Being patient,
Not complacent,
But Interested,
And disciplined.

With perseverance,
And self-assurance
To the final end
My good friend!

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-04-2023
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Flowing Grace

We know of Samson’s physical strength but what is most astonishing is the strength he received from the Spirit of the Lord and that same spiritual power is available to us. Use this poem as an affirmation for the strength you have through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I see a stream flowing
Down a waterfall
Like the grace of God
Available for all.

A spiritual strength
To do the remarkable 
Unbounded by
The impossible.

Going the distance
With each step at length
My thirst is refreshed
And I receive great strength.

As I pray each day,
God hears my request,
And as I listen,
I know what is best.

And Though I may stumble,
With God’s grace
I’ll victoriously
Finish this race.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-27-2023
Photo Source - "Bing." Microsoft. N.p., n.d. Web. Images >.
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Into The Light

This poem is inspired by Judges 14 when Samson’s wife coaxed him into telling her the answer to a riddle. He had a bet with her people that they could not solve the riddle during the feast. The world can be a discouraging place that brings on dark times so use this poem to restore your faith and roll back the darkness.

I face pressure
Or may be charmed 
Into something
That brings harm.

Anger may consume
The emotion inside
But going to God
Can change the tide.

Restoring my faith
In God’s ultimate plan
Of amazing blessings
Throughout a lifespan.

With Jesus I’m strong
And each day is sunny
For there is victory
Sweeter than honey.

So I’m not discouraged
But see the goal in sight
Out of the darkness
Into the Light.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-20-2023

God’s Son conquered the roaring lion called Satan to assure you of sweet victory.

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Grow and Gather Strength

Lake Tahoe
Samson grew strong
And so can we
With years of growth
Like a mature tree.

With God’s Word,
We gather strength
For He’s always
Within arm’s length.

Using each of our strengths
For the great commission
There is encouragement
Towards the mission.

For Jesus is king
Who will return,
There are no doubts, 
Worries or concern.

Stepping ahead
We keep going the Way
Conquering challenges
We face each day.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-13-2023
Photo – Trees surrounding Lake Tahoe
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Step Ahead to Easter

The winter no longer
Cold and blistery
As new growth of spring
Fills us with mystery.

The event of Easter  
took us from despair
To hope as the tomb
Was suddenly bare.

Reminding us now
Of God’s love
That fills us with joy
From up above.

Refueling the soul
And instructive
For the best way
To be productive.

To step ahead 
As we journal
Along the clear path
To life eternal. 

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-01-2021
Photo - Walking trail at Carleen Bright Arboretum near my home
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