The Star

Just like the wise men
Looking for Jesus again,
Gaze for a star today
To lead the way.

Search with persistence
Even under resistance
For the star is a friend
Or new song to send.

A Bible verse
Ready to disperse
Or sermon topic
Being philanthropic.

The star may not be seen
But there is good we glean
From each other
to help us go further.

To be led to Jesus;
The ONE born for us;
An enormous plus
For God is among us.

Poem By Mark Shields – © 12-13-2018
Video – Starry Night by Chris August

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Love & The Outcome in San Antonio at Sadie Robertson’s Live Original

Sparks the process
To fire up the mind
Leading to success.

An idea
Mixed with inspiration
Along with passion
Leads to action.

Like adding fuel
To a raging fire,
Passion feeds the heart
And soul with desire.

To start the process
To major projects,
Use encouragement
With good side effects.

Bible verses,
Music in worship
Or sermon messages.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-06-2018

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There is real magic in enthusiasm like a crowd “keyed up” at a concert. The photo was taken at a Miranda Lambert concert in Dallas.

Walking through life
In a bad mood
And constant strife.

Always downtrodden
Within a chasm
Living without

Time to find real magic
And live with passion
With each day bringing more
Than one could imagine.

A zest for life
And all its wonders
Setting out daily
To inspire others.

Providing the difference
Between ordinary
And giving what’s needed
As a visionary.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-29-2018

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Being Grateful

It’s not just another day;
It’s Thanksgiving.
Be grateful today
For being able to see
The beauty of His creation.

Image Source

The faces of people,
And the opportunity
To listen to their story.
On this day,
Open your heart
To the greatness around you.

Image Source

Flip a switch
And the light comes on.
Through technology,
Catch up on what friends
Are doing using social media.

Image Source

But most of all,
May everyone you meet
Be blessed by you
Because of the overflow of gratefulness
And then it will be
The best Thanksgiving ever.

Image Source

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Memory captured
By a photo taken
Lifts the Spirit;
Mind is awakened.

Encouragement from
Inspirational thoughts
Provide positives
To handle tough spots.

Reassurances from
A sermon message
Gives hope for a future
That is impressive.

Feeding the mind
So you are blessed
With effective ways
To handle each quest.

Producing qualities
Like optimism,
And enthusiasm.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-15-2018

This is a photo of our family dog. She’s very photogenic. When we saw her photo on the local animal shelter add, we went down to see if she was still there and when she was, we adopted her. Over the years, she has given us a lift with her funny expressions.

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Don’t let critiques snuff out your passion and enthusiasm for your ideas. Walt Disney was fired one time from a job because he was told he was not creative enough.

Push for ideas
You believe in
And keep on going
With strength from within.

Don’t let critiques
Snuff out the thrill;
Use your skill.

Don’t let worry
Keep holding you back;
Embrace God’s wonder
To keep you on track.

Don’t let distractions
Gobble up each hour;
Wait patiently
For God’s power.

He is big enough
So be devout
Believing the plan
Will all work out!

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-08-2018

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Connected to the Vine

Times may be tough
In financial debt
With all hope lost
But needs can be met.

So keep on going
With determination
And things will change
In short duration.

Only yesterday
Becomes possible
With God’s Way.

He sets things up
So you have a chance
With opportunity
For you to advance.

Daily losses
Are not the rule of thumb
Because God’s love
Will help to overcome.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-01-2018

Image Source

This poem was inspired by a story that took place in the 1930’s. Times were tough and there was a farmer who was in debt and had lost hope. He became so distraught that he killed himself and his wife. His two sons had tried to give him hope with an idea but this idea only became possible a few years later when they caught a break. You see, the laws of that time changed.  Alcohol became legal and their business idea now had a chance. The sons decided to read up on how to grow grapes in order to start a vineyard. With their two hundred acre farm and a little knowledge gained from books at the library, the two brothers overcame their adversity early in life. Today we know these brothers as the founders of Earnest and Julio Galo Winery. The largest exporter of California wines. 

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God’s Love for You

The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. – Proverbs 22:9

God’s love for you
Changes thought
Giving self-confidence
To do what you ought.

God’s love for you
Gives determination
To keep going
For the duration.

God’s love for you
Inspires you to hope
Even when down
To the end of your rope.

God’s love for you
Helps you to plan
Each and every step
To do what you can.

God’s love for you
Initiates action
To get things done
Without hesitation.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-25-2018

The photo was taken at a Feed My Starving Children event at my church. We hand-packed meals for starving children around the world.

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Shame to Fame

Lessons in determination can be gained from studying the life of people.

A lesson given
In determination
From a young lad
Seeking an education.

Born into wealth
His dad hits a tough spell
Losing everything
And life not so swell.

Could not attend
With lack of funds
And adversity.

Married at eighteen,
Child on the way;
A life of hard times
Was on full display.

Work in the theater
Became his aim
Determined to succeed
And gain great fame.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-18-2018

This is a photo of the Royal Shakespeare Theater dedicated to the English playwright and poet William Shakespeare. The photo was taken when I went on a travel/study trip to England with a college group in July of 1983. The life of Shakespeare is a lesson in determination as he went through some difficult times but went from shame to fame becoming England’s national poet known as Bard of Avon.

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No Pain – No Gain

Anything faced in life like meeting deadlines or making it through graduation requires the ability to remain optimistic during the difficult times. This photo was taken at my daughter’s high school graduation 5-20-2017.

There are pressures faced
And deadlines come about
But with good people
It all works out.

For major problems
To overcome,
There is inspiration
So raise your thumb.

They can be worked out
With God on your side,
Taking in life lessons,
And faith applied.

Be inspired from nature,
From mystery,
From inspiring music,
Or history.

For what once caused
Misery or pain
Can be turned around
To result in a gain.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-11-2018

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