Success Story

Two farmers developed
As I recall
Something that can be
Enjoyed by all.

One farmer had chickens
With eggs to espouse.
The other a herd
Of dairy cows.

Both using their strengths,
Mixing them together
And making ice cream
As a bellwether.

Known as the best,
Called Blue Bell
A truly success
Story to tell.

The moral is to
Strife to be the best,
Pair up with strengths,
And you will be blessed.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-12-2018

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Stepping On Cancer

The fight against cancer
Started years ago.
Inspired by a player
Who never went pro.

Freddie Steinmark
Is the players name
On the sixty nine
UT team of fame.

Six days after the
“Game of the Century”,
X-rays revealed
A brutal enemy.

A bone tumor caused
Leg amputation.
Twenty days later
He inspired the nation.

There on the sidelines
At the Cotton Bowl
Lifting up his team
And nation as a whole.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-05-2018
Image Source

This poem was inspired after watching the movie “My All-American” which is the true story of the University of Texas football player Freddie Steinmark who played on the national championship team in 1969. Six days after the “Game of the Century” against Arkansas, x-rays revealed a bone tumor in his leg. His leg was amputated but twenty days later, he was on the sideline with his teammates as they defeated Notre Dame in the 1970 Cotton Bowl. He lived for another 1 ½ years until June of 1971. His fight against cancer inspired the U. S. Congress to write the National Cancer Act of 1971 which was signed into law and thus began the “War on Cancer”.

Please consider making a donation to my Relay for Life team “Stepping On Cancer” in memory or honor of someone. Below is the link with info on the event.  To make a donation, just scroll down the page to Event Fundraising and click on All Teams to find the team “Stepping On Cancer”.  There is a donate button under each team name.



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Perfect Plan

One plan is perfect;
God’s plan for everyone;
It is an amazing gift;
The gift of His Son.

His love for us is forever
And although there is sin,
Christ died for us
To renew us again.

God’s plan is perfect
Because He knows the past,
He knows the present;
In the future is steadfast.

We are saved by God’s grace;
A free gift that can’t be earned
But we are urged to carry out
All that has been learned.

Receiving Christ in our heart;
An act of faith with expedience
So the Holy Spirit becomes our guide
To live a life of faithful obedience.

Christ offers Himself to all;
A friend to everyone.
The Way, the Truth, the Life
How the victory is done!

Christ dwells in our heart
And fills it with precious treasures;
His love, His grace, His compassion
So we can carry out our endeavors.

Not only the routine;
Not only the humdrum
But major accomplishments
And even more yet to come.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-05-2016
Image Source

One summer, I attended a small group in which we did a study on God’s plan for us. This poem was inspired by this study.

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Seize the Moment

There are certain points
Within a close game
When an individual
Either makes a name
For the team or
Has to take the blame.

In the game of baseball,
It may be when a runner
Is in scoring position
And pulls a stunner
By putting down a bunt
To bring in the other.

My Daughter in 2010 Up to Bat in Softball

In the game of softball,
It may be getting a hit
At the right time by
Turning it up a bit;
Coming through in the
Clutch … never to quit.

In the game of football,
It may be when the team
Takes advantage
It would seem
By recovering a fumble
Or using a new scheme.

Football Game As We Visit My Daughter at Abilene Christian University

It’s the same in life
As there are times
To capture memories
And offer some rhymes
Of fantastic lifetimes.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-22-2018

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The Story

You are not selling
An item for consumption
But you are telling
A story with gumption.

It’s your passion
And if you do what’s right,
You will be rewarded
With a future so bright.

Like this story of a
Sprinter from England
Making the finals
For his homeland.

Honoring God
By not running Sunday
The day of the Lord
But running on Monday.

Running the race
And making history
By going the extra
And bringing victory.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-22-2018

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Giving the extra effort
Will make the difference
In being just average
Or gaining significance.

There will be obstacles
But remain resolute
By going the extra mile
And letting God’s Word take root.

There will be critics
But remain determined
By following plans
Already confirmed.

Look to the future;
Be joyful in the present;
Thankful at all times
For what God has sent.

In all circumstances,
Always remain steadfast
Laying anger aside
And letting go of the past.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-15-2018
Image Source

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Mission Focused

With each new step
You prayerfully chose,
Good plans are written
And confidence grows.

For plans not accomplished,
Adjustments can be made,
Attitudes changed,
And new ones weighed.

To finish a quest
You have desired,
Is always required.

Sometimes courage
Is what’s needed
To make it through
What has impeded.

Ruffle some feathers
To get teammates moving
And transform practices
That need improving.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-08-2018
Image Source

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The Fire Within

Desire is the drive
Helping victors rise
To overcome
And win the prize.

Even though told
They will not win,
They find a way
From strength within.

Desire from within
Tells the champ
It is possible
And they revamp.

They accept no
Such word as defeat
And set out with
New goals to meet.

The end results
Are so amazing;
Spurring those around them
Like a fire blazing.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-01-2018
Image Source

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Strong Finish

Athletes seek improvement
To gain their victory
And you too can aim
For a high trajectory.

With positive values
And being determined
By gaining inspiration
From a great sermon.

Always encouraged
With devout themes
To provide a path
Beyond your dreams.

Giving a mission
With planned out timelines
Which are so important
To meeting deadlines.

The end approaches
And all effort is spent
Like getting the best time
At a sporting event.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 02-22-2018
Image Source

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Step Ahead with a Plan

When you look back on life,
Be able to say
I gave it my all
I followed the best way.

To step ahead,
There needs to be a plan
With a passion
To be all I can.

Create a list of dreams
To use as the blueprint
In building plans
Ahead of the sprint.

Match values to the plan,
Take inventory,
And evaluate
For God’s glory.

Map it out in the mind
To make history
Like an athlete
Plans for victory.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 02-15-2018
Image Source

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