Step Ahead on Solid Ground

Like a mountain standing 
Rock solid over time
Is our Lord protecting 
In our long hard climb.

He helps to keep stepping 
On this long hard road;
A path on solid ground
The Lord has bestowed.

In the right frame of mind
We praise the Lord today
With sureness in the way,
We start without delay.

Even in frustration,
We feel broken today,
Things drifting … changing
But it will be okay.

For many things are built 
On shifting sand
But we will withstand
Along the way as planned.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 07-29-2021
Inspired by
“Step Ahead on Solid Ground”
Photo - Quaint village surrounded by the Alps I took while traveling through Europe in 1986 after graduating from college

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Focused on the Way

The nation of Israel got into trouble every time they resisted the leadership of Moses and Aaron. We can take this lesson of history to help us see the need to follow the way of God.

Nations have a problem
If crime condoned,
Authority upset,
Or disrespect shown.

Learned from history,
Nations turn to ruble,
Future is unknown,
There is much trouble.

Everyone pulling
In wrong direction
And there is a need
To make a correction.

God can help 
To overcome
Their anxieties.

If the people
Will pray each day
For their nation
To follow the Way.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 07-22-2021
Inspired by
“Focused on the Purpose

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Keep Focusing on the Destination

The journey through life 
Is not always easy
Thinking of hard times,
The stomach is queasy.

But things will work out
As you prioritize
Into God’s plan
To reach new highs.

By focusing more 
On your destiny,
You’ll hand off to others
A great legacy.
Spiritual resources
For generations
To make places flourish
In many nations.

So think of the most
Beautiful place;
Then think of God’s
Amazing grace.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 07-15-2021
Inspired by
“Keep Focusing on the Destination”
Photo – After graduating from college, I took a few weeks to travel through Europe. The photo is of a quant village in the Swiss apps. 

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Trust in Divine Power

There are advantages
Meeting in this hour
For God fills us  
With divine power. 

There are steps to take 
Toward success today
As we read the word 
And as we pray.

Security today
With God’s mighty arm
Protected always
From any harm.

There will be signs 
To the proven Way
To make it through 
Each challenging day.

The sure Way 
Proven in history
With direction
And God’s mystery.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 07-08-2021
Inspired by
“Trust in Divine Power”
Photo Source – Bing Images

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Alleviate Doubt by Reaching Out

The mission may seem 
But with God, all things 
Are possible.

For some challenges bring doubt
But faith that God is bigger
Helps us step ahead 
Each day with vigor.

So explore today,
Away from the comfort zone
In order to be satisfied
At reaching a milestone.

Never be disappointed
By the things you did not do
so even in difficulty
Believe You'll make it through.

Faith goes a long way
So keep on praising
And believe the Lord 
Will do the amazing!

Poem by Mark Shields – © 07-01-2021
Inspired by
“Alleviate Doubt by Reaching Out
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Step Ahead Each Day

The world spreads envy
Which leads to pettiness
And the ones hurt most
Are the jealous.

Then those envious
Put up a roadblock
But there is someone
Who listens if they talk!

Through prayers God listens
And if stressed out,
He’s big enough
To take away any doubt.

With Good News shared 
To help step ahead 
Along the way together  
As the gospel is spread.

With Christian blogs
Just a click away 
To inspire another step 
Along the way each day.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 06-24-2021
Inspired by
“Step Ahead Each Day”
Photo - My iPhone showing the free app available in the App Store or on Google Play. Look for First Waco.

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Praise Always

Deep inside the earth
Is built up power
Released by the volcanos 
That ultimately devour. 

Just like our past
With frustration
Building up inside
With agitation.

Causing us to react at times
When our thinking
Was in the wrong direction;
Not having an inkling.

Instead of thinking 
Of good going our way
That builds momentum
Throughout the day.

Gaining an edge
To staying on track instead
As we go along the path
And step ahead.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 06-17-2021
Inspired by
“Praise Always”
Photo – Going up Mt. Haleakala which is a dormant volcano on the Hawaiian Island of Maui.  

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Setting Out Along the Journey

And lack of effort
Like wondering
In a desert.

So let us get away
From this desolate zone
And trust God when
The future is not known.

To explore, dream, 
And discover new ways
To be at our best
With fervor ablaze.

Beginning each day’s 
Journey with prayer,
And faith in His care.

Gathering daily
The lessons we learn
And giving praise
To God in return.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 06-03-2021
Inspired by
“Setting Out Along the Journey”
Photo Source – Bing Images

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Guided By His Word

The Lord guides us today 
And things fall into place
With the spoken word 
That we love to embrace.

Lessons are given 
From the Bible 
That sink into the heart 
And make us able.

Instructions are given
As we follow the Way,
Worship in song with praise,
And pray throughout the day.

There is a change 
In behavior
As we follow the Way
Of our Lord and Savior. 

This wonderful day
With providence,
We step ahead
In confidence.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 06-03-2021
Inspired by
“Guided By His Word”
Photo – Taken at Carleen Bright Arboretum in Woodway Texas about 2 miles from my house
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All People Working Together

What a wonderful
In being a part  
Of souls being won.

Each doing something  
And fitting into the plan
Which is the church
Giving each other a hand.

Stronger together
With all at work
Doing what we do
And providing a perk.

Building a chemistry
With sister and brother
With the tremendous talents 
Offered to each other.

With wisdom from 
Things already done 
And energy 
From our young.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-27-2021
Inspired by
“All People Working Together”
Photo – Taken at my church from up in the balcony while working with the tech team.

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