Warriors of Today

Knight on Horse at Warwick CastleWarriors of today
Keep the enemy at bay
With a secret war plan
Doing all they can
To fortify with teams
With desires and dreams

Warriors of today
Will always obey
Face up to their toughest foe
Themselves wouldn’t you know
Understanding who they are
Transforming to go far

Warriors of today
Don’t just go half way
But conquer things like fear
And put it in high gear
Overcoming hopelessness
By practicing faithfulness

Warriors of today
Do things in the right way
Using weapons like hope
And faith but never mope
Knowing who they are
Gets them so very far

Hope gives them optimism
In a time of pessimism
Faith gives courage
When feeling discouraged
And passion brings victory
When others are weary

Warriors of today
Know it will be okay
Their soul is in shape
And everything is great
Receiving daily bread
As they step ahead

By Mark Shields – © 8-14-2014
After winning a writing contest in 1983 at the college I attended, I was given a paid trip to tour/study London and the surrounding community. The knight on the horse picture was taken at Warwick Castle which was built by William the Conqueror in 1068. Located in central England at the bend on the River Avon, it  was used as a stronghold until the early 17th century.

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