The Weapon of Prayer

Sometimes the only weapon we have is prayer;
But with prayer there is great power.
For God is continually with us;
He is dependable for every hour.

He is our forever helper;
To overcome fear and doubt;
To overcome temptation;
To help us work things out.

He goes before us to clear the path;
Then He leads with an army of angels;
Who walk beside us to protect
And help us win our battles.

What we thought was impossible;
All of a sudden becomes possible;
For the Lord goes with us;
His indwelling Spirit is with us.

By Mark Shields – © 3-20-2013
Inspired by His Presence Protects
Photo from Google Images

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4 Responses to The Weapon of Prayer

  1. A Servant says:

    If we stop to think in whose audience we are in during prayer, it is amazing that we even have this privilege.
    A Servant

  2. Terrific poem, Mark. Thanks

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